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141: Stephen Seiler on current trends in Sports Science

Today, I’m joined by Stephen Seiler, a renowned expert in sports science, to explore the integration of technology in sports performance, education, and health. Stephen brings a wealth of knowledge from his extensive research into the physiological aspects of endurance training and his insights into the optimal use of technology in enhancing athlete performance.

In our conversation, we discuss the double-edged sword of technological advancements in sports. We cover how wearable devices and artificial intelligence can profoundly impact training effectiveness and sleep efficiency, but also the risks they pose, such as overtraining and potential injuries.

Stephen and I delve into the importance of maintaining a balance between high-tech solutions and traditional coaching methods to achieve the best outcomes for athletes. We also touch on broader topics, such as the implications of digital technology on learning and the critical role of understanding both physiology and technology to apply them effectively in sports.

Stephen shares his perspective on the potential of AI to personalize training interventions and its integration with physiological data to enhance performance and prevent injuries.

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