Inigo Mujika podcast

142: Iñigo Mujika on peaking, tapering and working in different systems

In today’s episode I’m delighted host Iñigo Mujika. It is no exaggeration to say that Inigo is one of the World’s leading applied physiologists with a particular specialism in endurance training, tapering, and peaking strategies and has an extensive background working with elite athletes across various sports.

In this episode, Iñigo shares insights from his career, discussing the characteristics of effective and less effective teams he’s been a part of and his approach to balancing real-time data with in-depth monitoring and research. We’ll also dive into his specialization in tapering and peaking, exploring how these practices vary across different sports and how teams prepare for pinnacle events like the upcoming Paris Olympics.

Additionally, we’ll discuss Iñigo’s latest publication, ‘Endurance Training – Science and Practice,’ now in its second edition, and how his research informs practical strategies for athlete preparation. We’ll wrap up by considering the future of sports science and what needs to be done to further develop the profession of performance staff.

Whether you’re involved in sports professionally or simply passionate about athletic performance, this conversation is packed with valuable insights.