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143: Sam Marcora on the psychobiology of fatigue and perception of effort

Welcome to the Supporting Champions podcast, hosted by performance scientist Dr Steve Ingham. In this episode, Steve is joined by Professor Sam Marcora, a leading researcher whose psychobiological model has revolutionized our understanding of training and performance.

Together, they delve into the fascinating intersection of psychology and physiology, focusing on how mental fatigue impacts physical performance. Sam shares groundbreaking insights into the role of perception of effort and how both physiological and psychological factors can alter it. The discussion explores innovative research, including the effects of subliminal cues on endurance and the importance of motivation, especially during training.

The episode also pays tribute to Professor Roger Eston and his contributions to the field. In our discussions, Sam acknowledged the great influence of Professor Roger Eston and his work on the ratings of perceived exertion.

Shortly after recording the episode we heard the sad news that Roger had passed away. We both want to send our best wishes to Roger’s family and dedicate this episode to him!

For those interested in exploring Professor Marcora’s work further, you can follow him on his social media and review his research on Google Scholar.

If you’re interested in the science behind high performance and the subtle yet powerful ways the mind influences athletic output, this episode is a must-listen.

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