Tim Jones podcast title

144: Tim Jones on performance coaching and leadership

In this insightful episode I speak to with Tim Jones, the Associate Performance Director at British Swimming. A former Olympic athlete in the grueling 200m butterfly, Tim has transitioned from elite swimming to coaching, and now to a leadership role that spans multiple sports disciplines. With extensive experience across swimming, athletics, and gymnastics, Tim discusses his journey and the critical elements of leading high-performance teams in today’s competitive sports environment.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction: Overview of Tim Jones’ background as an Olympic swimmer and his roles across various sports.
  • Athlete to Leader Transition: Tim shares how his experiences as an athlete informed his approach to leadership and the motivations behind his career transition.
  • Leadership across Disciplines: Insights into the universal leadership principles Tim has applied across different sports and the unique challenges of managing diverse teams.
  • Philosophical Shifts: Discussion on how Tim’s personal philosophy has evolved from his time as an athlete to his current role.
  • Programme Development: An exploration of the strategic changes Tim has implemented in British Swimming and how these align with both new trends and traditional practices.
  • Key Performance Factors: Tim outlines the essential elements of a successful performance programme and his approach to balancing innovation with proven methodologies.
  • Balancing Act: Strategies for managing the pressures of high-performance sports while supporting athlete well-being.
  • Looking to Paris 2024: Tim’s focuses and goals for the upcoming Paris Olympics and the preparations underway to ensure peak performance and team resilience.
  • Legacy and Impact: A look into the legacy Tim hopes to leave and the impact measures he values most.