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Dr. Sophie Killer

Are you looking to take your applied nutrition skills to the next level?

Our applied nutrition course is part of our pro-practitioner series; individual courses designed specially for sports scientists to help you excel in your career.
this 10 lesson course delivered by dr. Sophie Killer who will teach you how to develop an evidence-based approach to your practice, tips, and techniques of how to focus on what matters and when for athlete dietary intake and influence behaviour for meaningful change.

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Who Is This Course For?

This course is ideal for professional nutritionists aiming to create impact for their clients. The course will allow you. to cut through the noise of ideas in nutrition, focus on what matters most and develop your skills. If you’re still studying – but you’re driving hard at becoming a nutritionist, then this course will advance your skills ahead of your stage of development.

The course will allow you to set up your performance nutrition consultations, zone in on athlete needs, develop practical tools, frameworks and terms that create breakthroughs for your clients.

Course Features

Course + Community = Results

You’ll have access to the course for the lifetime of the course. On top of the course content, a chance to connect with your expert tutor, you’ll have access to the Supporting Champions community forever!

In the community, you’ll find:

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Course students from around the world, learning & engaging together

About The Course Tutor

Supporting Champions course-author-SK Applied Performance Nutrition

Dr. Sophie Killer

Dr. Sophie Killer, Consultant Performance Nutritionist, former Tottenham Hotspur FC, UK Athletics, GB Basketball, English Institute of Sport.
"I've created this course to get to the heart of the limitations the contemporary nutritionist is faced with to help them excel. The course will enable you to make meaningful sense of the array of nutrition knowledge out there in the world that so often confuses athletes and practitioners alike. I will share the essential ‘need to knows’ but offer you practical examples for you to understand your discipline and give you ways to make fuelling, recovery and performance nutrition engaging."

Course Reviews

Supporting Champions james-fleming-150x150 Applied Performance Nutrition
James Fleming
Performance Nutritionist, JF Nutrition
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"What a brilliant course for any practitioner just starting out or looking to develop their skills. Lead by a legend in the sport nutrition industry, Dr Sophie Killer, she has crammed every session with so many useful tips and information that I took from every session. As a result of completing this programme, I feel I am able to support athletes so much more effectively."
Supporting Champions Kris-150x150 Applied Performance Nutrition
Kris Kumari
Performance Nutritionist SENr
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"A course that encouraged me to reflect on my own practice and provide excellent insights into professional practice 'in the trenches'. I took away aspects of the course that would no doubt benefit my professional development."
Supporting Champions abi-150x150 Applied Performance Nutrition
Abi Woodliffe-Thomas
Performance Nutritionist, @Happetite
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"The applied practitioner course lead by Dr. Sophie killer was a fantastic resource to have completed and accessed in furthering my knowledge. The topics covered, depth explored and applied examples discussed were brilliant, touching on things that are not covered at University level. I would highly recommend to anyone working as a nutritionist."
Supporting Champions Matt-Gardner-150x150 Applied Performance Nutrition
Matt Gardner
Performance Nutritionist, Big Feed Up HQ
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"The Applied Performance Nutrition course helped me step back from my busy work life and reassess each aspect of my clients journey. The 10 week course gave me the accountability I needed to take a deeper look once again at key areas of my practice. I could complete the course content at my own speed around my own busy work and family life. As a result of the course I have made deeper connections with other practitioners which I hope will lead to good things in the future."

Course Excerpts

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