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By: Chris Marshall & Rebecca Levett

Are you looking to take your applied psychology support to the next level?

Our applied psychology course is part of our pro-practitioner series; individual courses designed specially for sports scientists to help you excel in your career.

This 10 lesson course delivered by Chris Marshall and Rebecca Levett, will help you hone your practice craft, by sharing the critical dynamics that you need to work with for individual, team, and system support so that you’re able to make a profound and lasting effect in your support work.

Career Solution Focused Lessons

Who Is This Course For?

This course is perfect for Professional and ‘in-training’ psychologists aiming to develop effective practice for their clients. The course will allow you to lean on the experience of the tutors to develop simple frameworks to enable you to harness your skills.

If you’re still in training and developing your resume of professional development, then this course will advance your skills ahead of your stage of development.

Course Features

Interdisciplinary lesson bonus

interdisciplinary lessons

We know that deep disciplinary knowledge will advance your skills and impact, but as you progress further into your career you’ll notice it is your skill of working with other high-performance team members that will take your collective work to the next level.

Sign up to the course today and you’ll benefit from the inter-disciplinary bonus lesson pack!

Course + Community = Results

You’ll have access to the course for the lifetime of the course. On top of the course content, a chance to connect with your expert tutor, you’ll have access to the Supporting Champions community forever!

In the community, you’ll find:

Course students from around the world, learning & engaging together

About The Course Tutor

Chris Marshall psychology course
Chris Marshall

Sport and Exercise Psychologist, formerly English Institute of Sport, ECB, FA, currently Team Anthony Joshua, Wasps, RFC, Notts CCC.

Rebecca Levett psychology course
Rebecca Levett

Sport and Exercise Psychologist with GB Hockey Women’s team formerly FA, Manchester City FC, Archery GB, Surrey CCC and ECB.

“We’ve created this course to support the psychologist practitioner to understand and develop the skills required to truly apply their knowledge. There is a clear difference between what’s learned in the class, through supervision and what psychologists are challenged with when working with athletes, teams and coaches. We’ll share with you the key areas that will help you navigate through the noise while giving you practical examples, real-world dilemmas, challenging situations and frameworks to move your work, and your clients, forward.”

Course Reviews

Elliot Sharp
Sports Psychologist in training
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"This course offered a unique blend of technical development (e.g. lessons in needs analysis and formulation) and applied developmental areas (e.g., working effectively with adolescents, coaches and teams, supporting mental health) that I am confident will allow me to navigate the complexity of elite sport while giving me confidence in my ability to manage real-world dilemmas and challenging situations. Overall, as a sport psychologist in training, the course has enabled me to work with greater clarity and practical application in a range of areas that most importantly, will create greater impact for my work in complex high-performance settings. "
Lucy Ballinger
BPS Chartered and HCPC Registered Sport & Exercise Psychologist
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"I really enjoyed the course. Chris and Rebecca really brought the content to life. I now have much more confidence in what to focus on and how to work to support athletes."
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