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Applied process questions

Explore, assure, connect and prospect.

As a sports scientist looking to make an impact, (i.e make a difference and do it well), you need a process to go through to explore, assure, connect and prospect. When you’re confronted with an athlete’s case, with a unique need, situation, context and way of working – it can be useful to take stock of where, what, how, when and with whom. If you’re looking for a full and complete flow of questions from the end of your needs analysis (or lecture) to action and to stretch your thinking into the future, here’s my suggested process;

Start with this question;

From what we have covered today, what is the most impactful idea and why?

Then you can go in several different directions, but I would go in this order;

A) How robust is the evidence base?

Follow this question with …

How confident can you be applying this to a population?

Then go to…

B) How would you go about delivering this knowledge to a client?

If you want to develop your thinking further…

Debate the practical implications of making this knowledge come to life

C) What different perspectives might arise in an inter-disciplinary team?

A practical exercise to dig deeper…

Identify potential points of difference and commonality

Then finish with…

D) What might the future look like?

The practical exercise that will mature your practice…

Identify gaps in knowledge, trends that might disrupt, counter perspectives to find opportunities to innovate.

It looks like this! 👇🏼 You don’t need to follow it A,B,C,D necessarily, but if in doubt go that way round!

Try this process out for size!