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How to Support a Champion - Free Chapter

If you are contemplating working with a champion, a potential champion, or anyone with untapped talent - be prepared, be very prepared. In 1998 Sir Steve Redgrave stared at Ingham and demanded to know, “Are you going to make me go faster?” Ingham had been trained and developed as a scientist, but in that single instance he questioned everything he thought he knew.

Applied science in elite sport has boomed. Science has radically changed elite sport, but one thing remains as the guiding focus - the summit of performing to your best and winning. This applies to the athlete, the coaches and increasingly for the applied practitioner.

In this book Steve draws on the lessons learned from a career in the intense, unforgiving rollercoaster of elite sport; helping, supporting and developing some of the best athletes in the world, including Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Matthew Pinsent, Hayley Tullett, Kelly Sotherton, and Jessica Ennis-Hill as they pursue their goals. His journey shows that all the knowledge in the world will get you only so far, but it is with trust, team-work, critical thinking, adaptability, accountability and altruism that you can truly support a champion.

The First Hurdle - Free Chapter

Whatever you go on to achieve during your career will stem from that pivotal day you were appointed to do the job. If you’re aiming for a successful innings in sports performance (one of thousands entering via sports science, sports therapy and medicine routes every year), you’ll know that it’s viciously competitive. You’ve invested a substantial amount of money and effort in your education and you’re probably confused about how to get ahead in the race.

Most aspirants are completely unprepared for the job application and interviewing stages. They are either unskilled or don’t know how to show that they have what it takes. This book will help you find the right doors to push and show you how to avoid having them slammed in your face. It will support you in overcoming any hurdles on what could be the most important day in your career.

Don’t buy this book if you’re expecting a speedy boarding pass to becoming Man United’s next big training ground guru. Do buy it if you’re prepared to put in the groundwork necessary to craft out a successful career in supporting the goals of others in the world of sport.

Having interviewed, led and developed thousands of support staff and hopefuls, Dr Steve Ingham has seen it all. In this essential guide, he shares, in his usual candid and humorous style, the key areas to help you look for jobs and stand out as you apply. Steve gives insight into what interviewers are thinking and how to answer the array of interview questions you might face in the best possible way. With specialist sections on how to present yourself, virtual interviews, presentations, group interviews and applying for senior positions, this book will prepare you to take hold of the role you have always dreamed of.

Supporting Champions

We utilise the lessons learned from the last 25 years of working in high performance sports and businesses to support and champion you, your teams and systems.

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