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Hosted by: Steve Ingham

Steve Ingham, performance scientist, leader and author, explores the science, art, purpose and origins of high-performance. Steve interviews and discusses these concepts with the people who have been there and done it, whether it’s achieving at the highest level, been the driving force in making remarkable performance happen or those who have explored and researched aspects of human performance in real-depth.

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Dan Abrahams podcast title

129: Dan Abrahams on the psychology of team dynamics

In this episode of the Supporting Champions Podcast, we’re joined by Dan Abrahams, a highly respected sports psychologist known for his insightful and practical approach …

Ben Sporer Podcast Title

128: Ben Sporer on Output

In this episode, we’re joined by Ben Sporer, a Canadian sports physiologist whose recent work challenges traditional notions of success in high-performance sports. His book …

Mustafa Sarkar podcast title

127: Mustafa Sarkar on resilience

Today we’re diving deep into a topic that’s not just timely but also timeless: resilience. Our guest is Mustafa Sarkar, an expert in the psychology …

Brad Schoenfeld podcast title

126: Brad Schoenfeld on muscle growth and challenging practice with evidence

Today, we’re venturing into the ever-evolving world of strength, power, and muscle growth. I’m thrilled to introduce our guest, Brad Schoenfeld, who hails from Lehman …

Sophia Jowett Podcast Title page

125: Sophia Jowett on the coach – athlete relationship

In today’s episode we’re exploring a topic that sits at the very heart of performance, yet is often overlooked: the coach-athlete relationship. And I couldn’t …

David Slemen pod title

124: David Slemen on recruiting staff into performance teams

“PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO FILL IN OUR SKILLS SURVEY” Welcome back to the podcast proper! In this week’s episode, we’re tackling a subject that’s …

Michael Johnson podcast title

123: Michael Johnson on serial winning, challenges and preparing to peak

This week’s guest is Michael Johnson. Michael will not need an introduction to many of you, but for those who are not aware of one …

Nigel Adkins podcast title

122: Nigel Adkins on the demands on the modern football manager

This week’s guest is Nigel Adkins. Nigel is a former professional football player, coach and manager. He’s also trained as a physiotherapist, so not only …

Knowles and Cropley podcast title

121: Brendan Cropley and Zoe Knowles on Reflective Practice

This week’s guests are Zoe Knowles and Brendan Cropley Zoe is a Professor of Engagement and Learning at Liverpool John Moores University and Brendan is …

Sian Allen podcast title

120: Sian Allen on wearable technology

This week’s guest is Sian Allen. Sian is a vastly experienced performance scientist having worked at the English, Scottish and New Zealand Institute of Sports. …

Jean Gomes podcast title

119: Jean Gomes leading self and others

This week’s guest is Jean Gomes. Jean is a New York best-selling author and a business consultant to 100s of CEOs and businesses. He is …

Mark Burnley podcast title.jpg

118: Mark Burnley on training zones

This week’s guest is Dr Mark Burnley Mark is an exercise physiologist by trade, currently an academic at Loughborough University, having previously been at Brighton, …