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Hosted by: Steve Ingham

Steve Ingham, performance scientist, leader and author, explores the science, art, purpose and origins of high-performance. Steve interviews and discusses these concepts with the people who have been there and done it, whether it’s achieving at the highest level, been the driving force in making remarkable performance happen or those who have explored and researched aspects of human performance in real-depth.

Latest Podcasts

Glyn Howatson physiology

083: Glyn Howatson on recovery and adaptation

This week’s guest is Glyn Howatson, Professor of Human & Applied Physiology at Northumbria University. Glyn’s specialist subject is recovery but its recovery with a …

Dan Lieberman Evolutionary biology

082: Daniel Lieberman on evolving to exercise

This week’s guest is Harvard University Professor of Biological Sciences, Dan Lieberman. If you’ve heard of Dan it will probably be in connection with his …

Ama Agbeze netball

081: Ama Agbeze on belief

This week’s guest is Ama Agbeze, former England Netball captain. Ama Led the team to perhaps the England Teams’s greatest success, winning the Commonwealth Gold …

Alan Murchison Michelin star chef

080: Alan Murchison on Michelin star performance

In this episode I speak to Alan Murchison. Alan currently runs a business called the Performance Chef, providing support to a host of sports, teams …

Dan Cable Organisational behaviour

079: Dan Cable on being exceptional

This week I spoke to Dan Cable. Dan is a Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School specialising in research and teaching focus on …

Lizzie Yarnold Olympic Champion Bob skeleton

078: Lizzy Yarnold on talent, ownership of performance and team

This week I speak with Lizzy Yarnold. Lizzy is double Olympic Champion in that chilled out sporting event Bob Skeleton. Lizzy was spotted through a …

Stuart Worden Brit School

077: Stuart Worden of the Brit School on performance environments

This week’s guest is Stuart Worden, Principal of the Brit School. The BRIT (British Record Industry Trust) School is a performing arts and technology school …

Mark Williams Skill acquisition

076: Mark Williams on how the best learn to be better

This week’s guest is Professor Mark Williams who has spent his professional career understanding the neural and psychological aspects of acquiring skills and developing expertise. …

Drumming Mark Richardson & Marcus Smith

075: Mark Richardson and Marcus Smith on drumming performance

This week we have two guests, Mark Richardson and Marcus Smith. Mark Richardson is the drummer for the band Skunk Anansie, a band that were …

Peter Vint Data analyst elite sport
Professional Practitioner

074: Peter Vint on data, culture and athlete development

This week’s guest is Peter Vint. I’d got in touch with Peter with the full intention of discussing analytics, and the trend towards data and …

Chris Rosimus
Professional Practitioner

073: Chris Rosimus on relationships

This week’s guest is Chris Rosimus, Chris is the Head of Nutrition at the Football Association, leading all aspects of dietary provision to the England …

Cath Bishop Olympian & Diplomat

072 Cath Bishop on The Long Win

Dr Cath Bishop competed as a rower at three Olympic Games, Atlanta, Sydney and Athens (and I had the privilege of working with Cath throughout her career), with …