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Supporting Champions

With Dr Steve Ingham

Steve Ingham, performance scientist, leader and author, explores the science, art, purpose and origins of high-performance. Steve interviews and discusses these concepts with the people who have been there and done it, whether it's achieving at the highest level, been the driving force in making remarkable performance happen or those who have explored and researched aspects of human performance in real-depth.

063: Rob Pacey on creating content

20 May 2020

In this episode I spoke to Rob Pacey. Rob runs one of the most successful podcasts in Sport, the aptly named Pacey performance podcast, which focuses on strength and conditioning…

062: Steve Ingham on new The First Hurdle

6 May 2020

I’m excited to share, in this special episode, 7 key principles from my new book The First Hurdle on applying and interviewing for jobs in sports performance (and the sub-text…

061: Stef Reid on challenge

22 April 2020

We hope you and those close to your are safe and well. In this episode I spoke to Stef Reid, three-time Paralympic medallist, World Champion long jumper. Stef is a…

060: Andrea Furst on change and uncertainty

10 April 2020

In this episode I talk to Dr Andrea Furst, performance psychologist at Mental Notes. Andrea has had a highly successful career supporting some of the highest performing teams to the…

059: Louise Burke on keeping nutrition practical

6 April 2020

The next few special episodes of the podcast will break away from the normal regularity as we capture, produce and air some relevant content to the COVID-19 crisis. In this…

058: Phil Skiba on exercise and health during COVID-19 crisis

27 March 2020

Phil Skiba on exercise and health during COVID-19 crisis The next few special episodes of the podcast will break away from the normal regularity as we capture, produce and air…

James Cracknell

057: James Cracknell on Endeavour

24 March 2020

A note about Coronavrius We, individuals, groups, communities, society look up to sporting heroes, we revere and admire their dedication, their persistence, their focus, the sacrifices they make to make…

Malcolm Brown

056: Malcolm Brown on a career in coaching and lessons from the Brownlees

13 March 2020

This episode’s guest is Malcolm Brown a Performance Coach based at the Leeds Triathlon Centre where he has partnered with Jack Maitland in coaching the Brownlee Brothers, that’s Alastair and…

Lizzie Simmonds

055: Lizzie Simmonds on Transition

26 February 2020

The dynamic of retirement, transitions and change for athletes is rightly receiving much greater attention as athletes speak up and openly about their experiences – none more so this episode’s…

Duncan French

054: Duncan French on mixed martial arts

12 February 2020

Duncan French is the Vice President of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Mixed martial arts is a sport that has had an accelerated rise into the public consciousness over the last…

Supporting Champions

We utilise the lessons learned from the last 25 years of working in high performance sports and businesses to support and champion you, your teams and systems.

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