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Supporting Champions

With Dr Steve Ingham

Steve Ingham, performance scientist, leader and author, explores the science, art, purpose and origins of high-performance. Steve interviews and discusses these concepts with the people who have been there and done it, whether it's achieving at the highest level, been the driving force in making remarkable performance happen or those who have explored and researched aspects of human performance in real-depth.

021: Tess Morris-Paterson on astronaut training

24 October 2018

This week’s interview is with Tess Morris-Paterson. Tess was a sports scientist with Lucozade Sport, then at the Glaxo Smith Kline Human performance laboratory. Then about 18 months ago, she began…

020: Harvey Galvin on change, transformation and adapting self

10 October 2018

Harvey Galvin epitomises all that Supporting Champions represents, but he has no gold medal to show for his efforts, no affiliation with a top performer, in fact his story is…

019: Steve Ingham, Jamie Pringle, Rosie Mayes on lessons from working with elite performers

26 September 2018

Steve discusses lessons from the frontline of working with elite performers with Jamie Pringle, Rosie Mayes. We discuss the essentials of that initial engagement with elite athletes, what to do…

018: Chrissie Wellington on becoming four time World Ironman Champion

12 September 2018

Chrissie Wellington OBE four time World Ironman Triathlon Champion and holder of the three world ironman records shares her experiences of performing at the top end of world triathlon. Chrissie…

017: Tom Boother on running from Land’s End to John O’Groats

29 August 2018

In 2016 Tom Boother ran (yes ran) from Land’s End to John O’Groats (for the non-Brits, that’s bottom left to top right of Great Britain). What is remarkable about Tom…

016: Barry Fudge on Heading up endurance

15 August 2018

Dr Barry Fudge is Head of Endurance at British athletics and lead scientist for many outstanding endurance athletes like Sir Mo Farah. Barry has a PhD in exercise physiology which…

015: Adam Conlon on performance on the frontline in warfare and disaster zones

1 August 2018

Adam Conlon was a captain in the British Army, undertaking his officer training at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst. He the entered the Royal Artillery, and is a veteran of two…

014: Kelly Sotherton on receiving her 4x400m medal ten years late

22 July 2018

In this special podcast episode I talk to Kelly Sotherton just after receiving a retrospectively awarded Olympic medal for the 4x400m, ten years after the Beijing games. Show notes 1:00 Introduction to…

013: Lucy Balfour, Ballerina at Rambert on performance, competition and motherhood

18 July 2018

Lucy Balfour is a leading dancer at the world renowned contemporary dance company Ballet Rambert. Lucy trained at the International Ballet Academy in Christchurch, then spent ten years with the…

012: Liz Stokoe on science and art of conversation

4 July 2018

In this episode I interview Professor Liz Stokoe, while we were both speaking at Cheltenham Science Festival. Liz is a Professor of Social Interaction at Loughborough University, specialising in conversational analysis. Liz…

Supporting Champions

We utilise the lessons learned from the last 25 years of working in high performance sports and businesses to support and champion you, your teams and systems.

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