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  1. ENHANCE VS DIMINISH - Before engaging, ask yourself... "If everyone did what I'm about to do, would it enhance or diminish this community?"
  2. SERVE DON'T SELL - No promotional posts unless specifically requested by a community admin. If you're secretly trying to get a lead or a sale, don't post it. If someone’s asking for help with something & you already have a piece of free content that can help them, it’s ok to point them to it (even if it requires an opt-in). Just remember your intent is to help, not to get more leads or customers from this group.
  3. BE SUPPORTIVE & RESPECTFUL - Give before you ask. Assume the best. Give people the benefit of intent. Show respect. Be a nice human.
  4. NO AFFILIATE LINKS - We encourage you to share tools and resources that you love that you believe can benefit other members, but do not include an affiliate link. Admins may use affiliate links from time to time (but only for things we feel good about recommending).
  5. PRIVATE MESSAGES - We encourage you to ask permission to private message someone in this group including the community admin team, prior to actually doing it. If the messaging system is abused, we reserve the right to turn it off.
  6. HAVE FUN - Enjoy your time in here and help brighten this community whenever possible. Let’s keep it fun!
  7. BE REAL - Be authentic. Connection happens when you are honest about the good and the bad. Don’t be afraid to share your losses as well as your wins. We can all learn from them.

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