✉️ The letter to the 15000

Begin to differentiate yourself with the 'Letter to the 15000' by learning about the reality of working in sports performance.

So you’re studying a sports science degree. You’re full of hope as to what next. You might have have read the letter to the 15000 blog and my guess is you’re keen to dig a bit deeper. This course will share with you the essential lessons you need to know about to begin your journey to a career in sports performance.

Well I’m excited that you’ve signed up to this course as I promise, throughout the next seven lessons, I’m going to share with you fundamentals of what  you need to know and understand about raising your awareness about the prospects ahead, how you can switch your mindset for a brighter future to achieve your ambitions and what key actions you can take in order to differentiate yourself.

Begin your employability journey towards a career in sports and performance.

Complete the ‘Letter to the 15,000’ course for your first certificate. Complete ‘The Career Route Primer’ course also to earn the FOCUS ON PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATE

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Difficulty: Beginner


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We utilise the lessons learned from the last 25 years of working in high performance sports and businesses to support and champion you, your teams and systems.

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