⧟ Career Route Primer

Learn about the potential career routes in sports science support.

This section gives you an introduction to the various career routes that predominate in sports science support.

You’ll get the fundamental insights into; Biomechanics, Nutrition, Performance Analysis, Performance Lifestyle, Physiology, Psychology, Strength and Conditioning. It’s important for you to understand the background and roles of physiotherapists and medics too – these are included also.

You’ll learn about;

  • Role and responsibility
  • Key sports
  • Opportunities
  • Challenges
  • Future directions
  • Proportion of jobs (and budget spent on employing) this discipline comprises in a typical support team.

Complete the ‘Letter to the 15,000’ course and ‘The Career Route Primer’ course to earn the FOCUS ON PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATE

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Difficulty: Beginner


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