The First Hurdle Epub e-book

Most aspirants are completely unprepared for the job application and interviewing stages. They are either unskilled or don’t know how to show that they have what it takes. This book will help you find the right doors to push and show you how to avoid having them slammed in your face. It will support you in overcoming any hurdles on what could be the most important day in your career.

Having interviewed, led and developed thousands of support staff and hopefuls, Dr Steve Ingham has seen it all. In this essential guide, he shares, in his usual candid and humorous style, the key areas to help you look for jobs and stand out as you apply. Steve gives insight into what interviewers are thinking and how to answer the array of interview questions you might face in the best possible way. With specialist sections on how to present yourself, virtual interviews, presentations, group interviews and applying for senior positions, this book will prepare you to take hold of the role you have always dreamed of.

Runners and hurdlers: Introduction

One principle: You can’t be anybody else

Get out of your own head: What interviewers think about

Target practice: Finding the right job

Looking good on paper: CVs and cover letters

The warm-up: Interview preparation

First contact: The start of the interview

Xs and Ys: The question that differentiates

Clarity, clarity, clarity: Structuring your answers

Team: Can you work with other people?

Who are you?: The importance of self-awareness

Sprint finish: How to finish an interview

Eyeing the competition: Group interviews

Show me: Practical tests

Virtual reality: Video pitching and online interviews

Climbing the ladder: Interviews for managers and leaders

The feedback loop: Getting advice; win, lose or draw

A final word for interviewers and interviewees

Appendix 1: Unpaid internships

Appendix 2: An overview of career routes

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