Explore Performance Careers

Explore Performance Careers

"Okay so I'm reasonably sure on the discipline career that I want to follow
- but what is the best way to progress?"

If you have wondered how to carve out a career as nutritionist, psychologist, physiologist etc, then this course will help you gain more clarity of understanding, know what will be expected of you, realise the options and prevent the classic' mistakes for you.

This course will give you the inside track view on what you need to do to carve out a career in your chosen discipline route.

Career guides to show you the way forward

james fleming

James Fleming

Performance Nutritionist

“I would thoroughly recommend this course to any student or graduate wanting to work with the best athletes and coaches. It goes into so much detail, that you end up feeling incredibly prepared.”


Sam Porter

Psychologist in training, Liverpool John Moores

“This course is the perfect complement to bridge the gap from the classroom to the performance arena.”

Duncan French

Dr Duncan French

Vice President, PerformanceUFC Performance Institute

“This amazing new learning platform, is exactly what I have been searching for to recommend to those leaving higher education and wanting to work in performance"


Dr Kellie Pritchard-Peschek

Dr Kellie Rose Performance Science

“An absolute must for any sports performance practitioner who wishes to enjoy a successful career in elite sport”

Course Overview

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⚡️  Intermediate
🏷  £199.99
🏠  Discussion community
⏩  Webinar replay
👊🏽  Challenge series
⁉️   Q&As to help your career

Is there a fixed path that you need to follow or can you come at a discipline route from other areas of study? What are the key pieces of knowledge you need to know about, what are the top journals and books. Each of these questions and more are answered by leading lights in the field of sports performance. Each expert will break down the respective careers into the essential components that will help you understand how to progress.

Interdisciplinary Award

You can just dive into watching the guide to the career you are hoping for, but if you complete all the guides, associated quizzes and other supporting modules you will achieve the Interdsciplinary Award Certificate to showcase your investment in understanding of other support disciplines – a critical element of teamwork.

SUPPORT: Join the community of aspiring sports performance professionals  developing and networking together. Benefit from exclusive live Q&As and professional development webinars to fast track your skills.

Students who have completed this course track show persistence, willingness to learn and the right mindset to succeed in performance teams. Taking this course will put you in the top 1% of talent and position you ahead of the pack with the skills, experience and mindset that employers need.

Graduates from this course have gone on to work at Man Utd, Royal Yachting Association, British Gymnastics, FC Nordsjaelland and many other sports teams.


Biomex OL title
Nutrition SK title
Perf Analysis DL title
Perf Lifestyle AB title
Phys SI title
Physio JL title
Psych JP title
SandC TY title

Career roles

Career route(s)

Essential qualifications and accreditations

Key experience

Key skills

Do’s and Don’ts

Foundation knowledge

Books and top papers

CPD opportunities

Professional overlaps and key relationships



*Complete the track to achieve the certificate. Include the award on your CV, use to demonstrate competency for your accreditation and continued professional development.

Supporting Champions

We utilise the lessons learned from the last 25 years of working in high performance sports and businesses to support and champion you, your teams and systems.

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