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Finding other people to work for you, or pass work onto

This post is in response to this question about this topic in the supporting champions community.

At some point you might find you are in a position where you need to take somebody on.

This might be because;

  • You have had too many enquiries for your support
  • You do some marketing and the top of the ‘funnel’ is full and more opportunities convert that you can handle
  • The work isn’t your specialism and you want someone else who can address the need

This is useful if;

  • You want to benefit from the work opportunity, both in terms of profit and expanding work links
  • You have existing clients you want to ‘retain’ rather than say no to

It might be easier to simply refer and don’t take a profit, because;

  • You then don’t have collateral if the other person isn’t very good
  • It requires work to manage and quality assure work to a good standard

If you want to refer work to other people, I would recommend looking through profiles on Athlete Now. This is how I personally find good people and I have provided good work to people.

If you still want to take someone on, then I would recommend you do this with an associate agreement. The alternative is that you employ them. This is complicated and unless you have enough profit to set this up legally, I would avoid it.

You don’t have to have an agreement in place, it could be a casual arrangement, but I would recommend it.

Now down to selecting a person. Assuming you have posted an advert somewhere (again (Athlete Now would be a good place to do this) and had some applications or enquiries or expressions of interest; and you’ve set up a meeting, virtual or in person.

The three main areas you need to be satisfied with are;

  • The practitioner knows their subject – so ask subject specific questions, “Can you explain how nitrates improve performance?” type questions
  • The practitioner knows what they are doing: “How have you previously provided support to … player/team?” type questions
  • The practitioner is trustworthy: “What will it be like working with you?” type questions

Beyond that, try to put the person at ease, get them talking about themselves, make small talk, what are their interests, what have they been unto recently, why did they get into the subject. This approach just allows you to get to know the person. I always write the word “TRUST?” at the top of a piece of paper when I am recruiting someone. I will give it a score after one minute and then put notes as the discussion progresses.

The bonus tactic I would add, is to ask for recommendations, publicly on social media. There is nothing quite like someone else vouching for someone else. If you trust the referrer, you are likely to be able to trust their judgement – this advances the process. However, I would still do an interview of sorts to do your own checks. (This also highlights the need for networking for practitioners – get known and do good work. People will refer you).

After this, read The First Hurdle. It is written for candidates, but really if you flip the lens to the recruiter, use the chapters, questions etc as a blueprint for checking people out.

Good luck with your recruitment!