The Complete Graduate Course Bundle

The complete set of courses to transform you from newbie undergraduate to a highly employable sports science graduate.

Performance Careers title
  • Working in Sports Performance: Gain a fundamental understanding of the sports performance industry.
  • Meeting Employer Expectations: Learn key attributes and skills sought after by sports performance employers.
  • Exploring Career Opportunities: Overview of different career paths available in sports performance.
  • Cultivating Professionalism: Tips on developing a professional approach in your sports performance career.
  • Insights into Sports Performance Careers: Grasp the essentials of working in sports performance.
  • Employer Expectations Uncovered: Learn what employers in sports performance truly seek.
  • Experience Acquisition Strategies: Find effective ways to gain relevant experience in the field.
  • Professionalism in Practice: Discover how to infuse professionalism into your experiences.
CV Champion course title
  • Strategic Job Search Mindset & Market Navigation: Develop a proactive approach to job hunting and uncover effective strategies for navigating the job market.
  • Job Advert Analysis & Company Research: Gain expertise in interpreting job adverts and conducting thorough company research to tailor your applications.
  • CV and Cover Letter Excellence: Master the art of crafting compelling CVs and impactful cover letters that highlight your strengths and align with employer needs.
  • Enhancing Digital and Video Presence: Learn to optimize your online footprint and create engaging video pitches to stand out in the digital landscape.
  • Comprehensive Application Skills: Combine all these elements to create a well-rounded, effective job application strategy that sets you apart.
Portfolio Plus title
  • Career Transition Essentials: Explore routes and debunk myths in career transitioning.
  • CV Strategy & Experience Boost: Craft goal-focused CVs and enhance professional experience.
  • Networking & Internship Insights: Master networking tactics and understand unpaid internships.
  • Advanced Communication Skills: Sharpen skills in rapport, listening, and effective summarization.
  • Humility & Interdisciplinary Adaptability: Balance ambition with humility and embrace diverse skills.
Interviewing Excellence
  • Master Diverse Interview Formats: From virtual to in-person, gain the skills to excel in any interview scenario.
  • Strategic Pre-Interview Techniques: Learn how to make a powerful impression before the interview begins.
  • Ace Technical and Performance Questions: Become adept at handling both technical challenges and performance-based queries with confidence.
  • Effective Team Dynamics Communication: Articulate your role in team environments and how you thrive in collaborative settings.
  • Maximize Feedback for Future Success: Understand how to use interview outcomes and feedback as a tool for continuous professional growth.
Skills for success in work title
  • Teamwork & Collaboration: Master working effectively in science teams and building productive relationships with managers and colleagues.
  • Prioritisation & Relevance: Learn to identify and focus on the most impactful work, and adapt your scientific skills to different stages of your career.
  • Adaptability & Communication: Develop the ability to operate in various scientific environments and communicate your knowledge effectively.
  • Critical Thinking & Strategic Work: Enhance your judgement through critical thinking and learn strategic approaches for long-term career success.
  • Personal Growth & Productivity: Invest in habits that boost energy, engagement, and productivity, helping you to thrive in your professional life.

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Course Reviews

Dr. Kellie Pritchard-peschek
Dr. Kellie Pritchard-peschek
Physiologist, Performance Optimisation
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“An absolute must for any sports performance practitioner who wishes to enjoy a successful career in elite sport”
Dr. Duncan French
Dr. Duncan French
Vice President, PerformanceUFC Performance Institute
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"This amazing new learning platform, is exactly what I have been searching for to recommend to those leaving higher education and wanting to work in performance"
Psychologist in training, Liverpool John Moores
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“This course is the perfect complement to bridge the gap from the classroom to the performance arena.”
James Fleming
James Fleming
Performance Nutritionist
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“I would thoroughly recommend this course to any student or graduate wanting to work with the best athletes and coaches. It goes into so much detail, that you end up feeling incredibly prepared.”
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