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By: Dr. Steve Ingham

"No one prepared me for leaving my studies! I don't even know where to begin. Why can't I find the industry perspective on finding and securing a job?"

Surely it can’t be that difficult can it? You just hand in your big dissertation, get your grades and then apply for the 100s of jobs out there, saunter into an interview and fight back offers from all the top employers – right? Wrong! Sorry to tell you – you’ll need to do a lot more than that!

When leaving your studies, you’re about to experience one of the biggest life transitions so far and trust me no-one has prepared you the way we will. This course is designed specifically for those people who are prepared to go the extra mile in readying themselves to succeed in upgrading your employability, studying the best pathway routes ahead, applying for jobs, interviewing for jobs and starting work.

When you’ve finished the Graduate To Performance course you will be one of the few who can genuinely say you’ve “left no stone unturned” in developing yourself for work.

Why Take This Course?

Career Solutions

Acquire the complete skill transition to work in sports performance:

Graduate to performance is a certificated track, take additional modules to start studying for the interdisciplinary award.

Students who have completed this course track show persistence, willingness to learn and the right mindset to succeed in performance teams. Taking this course will put you in the top 1% of talent and position you ahead of the pack with the skills, experience and mindset that employers need.

Graduates from this course have gone on to work at Man Utd, Royal Yachting Association, British Gymnastics, FC Nordsjaelland and many other sports teams.

Who Is This Course For?

Ideal For: This course is for students about to leave full-time education and for those already out in the working world who are now starting to take their future career seriously and know they need to invest in their development.

Course Features

Modules Of The Course

Take the proven steps of understanding, skill development and action.

  • Starting your transition
  • Major work routes and options
  • Myths, opportunities and challenges
  • Major mistakes at this stage
  • Create your CV backwards
  • Upgrading your experience
  • Networking
  • Unpaid internships

Module duration 2 hours 42 mins
Additional optional activities approx 1 hour 30 mins

  • Mindset for applying for jobs
  • Where to look for jobs
  • Job advert diagnosis
  • Doing your homework
  • Writing your CV
  • Writing your letter
  • Online presence
  • Video pitch

Module duration 4 hours 31 mins
Additional optional activities approx 1 hour

(Interviewing for jobs is such a rare experience, we’ve gone the extra mile and re-created real-life scenes from interview with a group of actors. you’ll see the bad, the common mistakes, and the gold-standard answers). LIVE = filmed scenes.

  • Mindset for interviews
  • LIVE: Interview formats (inc virtual)
  • LIVE: Pre-interview engagement
  • LIVE: Interview start
  • LIVE: Interview presentations
  • LIVE: Interview technical questions
  • LIVE: Interview performance questions
  • LIVE: Interview questions about teams and you
  • LIVE: Final questions
  • LIVE: Group interviews, practical test, problem solving tasks
  • LIVE: Interview outcome and feedback

Module duration 4 hours and 1 min
Additional optional activities approx 1 hour

  • Hunger, humility, hubris
  • Rapport and body language
  • Questioning, listening, summarising
  • Understanding and capturing the need
  • Interdisciplinary skills

Module duration 2 hours and 43 mins
Additional optional activities approx 1 hour

Sample Clips From Interviewing Module

Course + Community = Results

You’ll have access to the course for the lifetime of the course. On top of the course content, a chance to connect with your expert tutor, you’ll have access to the Supporting Champions community forever!

In the community, you’ll find:

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Course students from around the world, learning & engaging together

About The Course Tutor

Supporting Champions Steve-Ingham-books Graduate to Performance
Dr. Steve Ingham

Dr Steve Ingham, Performance Scientist and Director of Supporting Champions, Former Director of Science and Head of Physiology at English Institute of Sport.
"With GTP I have big goal for you - to support people like you with an ambition to work in sports and performance to seemlessly transition into the world of work and launch a successful career. The realities of working in the sports performance industry means that there is a strong possibility that you'll be exposed - not in a good way. The skills you'll be required to develop, demonstrate and excel at in work are rarely communicated and shared in such depth - in this course I'm going to help students and graduate cut through the confusion—to not only learn how to properly plan and launch their careers but to excel. If you want to increase your employability, help yourself to transition successfully to work and to set yourself up for career success - GRADUATE TO PERFORMANCE will provide you with that solution. I've distilled my experience of supporting 1000s of athletes and developing 1000s of performance professionals into this course, to help you take ownership of your future by following a proven path to success"

Course Reviews

Supporting Champions Kellie-Pritchard-150x150 Graduate to Performance
Dr. Kellie Pritchard-peschek
Physiologist, Performance Optimisation
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“An absolute must for any sports performance practitioner who wishes to enjoy a successful career in elite sport”
Supporting Champions Dr.-Duncan-French-img Graduate to Performance
Dr. Duncan French
Vice President, PerformanceUFC Performance Institute
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"This amazing new learning platform, is exactly what I have been searching for to recommend to those leaving higher education and wanting to work in performance"
Supporting Champions Sam-Porter-150x150 Graduate to Performance
Psychologist in training, Liverpool John Moores
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“This course is the perfect complement to bridge the gap from the classroom to the performance arena.”
Supporting Champions james-fleming-150x150 Graduate to Performance
James Fleming
Performance Nutritionist
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“I would thoroughly recommend this course to any student or graduate wanting to work with the best athletes and coaches. It goes into so much detail, that you end up feeling incredibly prepared.”
Supporting Champions g-t-p-course-tiles Graduate to Performance