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“If we expect, they expect!”

If we expect athletes to be the best version of themselves, if we expect them to adhere to advice, set high standards, keep pursuing excellence – then shouldn’t they expect the best out of us too?

Working with people who are aspiring to a goal that is often just outside of their reach means working with people who are ambitious, goal focused, tenacious, industrious, resilient, constant learners – and it means they will probably be judging you by similar standards.

This isn’t for everyone. It often means people are reluctant to commit. Here are 5 habits that can help ensure you are not under-performing;

  1. Don’t agree to do everything. If you do, it means you’re going to inevitably spread yourself too thin and therefore not deliver to your commitments.
  2. Don’t know what behaviours are expected? Then ask!
  3. Prepare before you deliver. If you need to schedule it into your diary so that you prioritise getting and being ready!
  4. Reflect on how you’ve performed. Bouncing from one piece of work to the next negates the opportunity for improvement.
  5. Get feedback on how you’ve performed. You can’t see everything you’ve done or how it has been transmitted. So get another view.

Be careful to demand, request and recommend standards of performance that you are not able to keep. Take stock, ask for support, prioritise the things that really matter in your work so you can match the tone and attitudes of working in performance.