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Samples of the lessons

Take a tour of the content, by sampling the lessons with this selection of clips

Kickstart performance skills case studies

Graduate to Performance career route experts

Graduate to Performance interview insights

Course Curricula

Kickstart performance skills

Designed to support students to develop agency and ownership for creating their own future.

Introductory modules

Introduction to the course

Introduction to Steve Ingham and Supporting Champions

Course orientation


Creating your future

What type of career are your hoping for?

Understanding the reality of prospects in sports and performance

What can you currently do?

University compared sports and performance and the problem this course aims to solve

Understanding work in sports performance


Introduction to the demands of working in sports and performance

Case Study: Five x Olympic Champion Sir Steve Redgrave

Characteristics of work in sports and performance

Formats of working: Individual, partnerships and teams

Taking stock and taking action

Developing context and a performance focus

Developing priority skills


Introduction to applied craft skills

Case study: Lessons from the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Priority professional skills

Growing your abilities and developing experience


Introduction to growing your abilities

The switch in philosophy for applied practice

Growing your abilities, skills and applying your knowledge and experience in support of others

Stage 1. Group together and discuss issues

Stage 2. Developing know-how of applying knowledge

Stage 3: Developing the skill of advising others

Stage 4: Finding work experience

Starting well when engaging with people


Thriving in work and studies

Reflective practice

Reflective example

Developing professionalism in work

Thriving in your studies

Recap and final thoughts

Graduate to performance

Designed to support students to upskill, transition and acquire gainful employment


Introduction to the course

Course orientation

Transition to work

Work routes and options

Myths, opportunities and challenges


Career path interviews

The number one mistake when thinking about careers

Careers Overview

Biomechanics: Olly Logan

Nutrition: Sophie Killer

Performance Analysis: Duncan Locke

Performance Lifestyle: Alex Bailey

Physiology: Steve Ingham

Physiotherapy: Jason Laird

Psychology: Josie Perry

Strength and Conditioning: Tommy Yule

Curating your portfolio

Major mistakes at this stage

Key options for you and choices to make

Create your CV backwards

Upgrading your experience


Unpaid internships


Applying for jobs

Mindset for applying for jobs

Where to look for jobs

Job advert diagnosis

Doing your homework

Writing your CV, structure, emphasis, style

Writing your letter, sections

Online presence

Video pitch


Interviewing for jobs

Mindset for interviews

Interview formats

LIVE: Pre-interview engagement

LIVE: Interview start

LIVE: Interview presentations

LIVE: Interview technical questions

LIVE: Interview performance questions

LIVE: Interview personal questions

LIVE: Interview final questions

LIVE: Groups, practicals and tasks

LIVE: Interview outcome and feedback


Critical skills for buy-in and engagement

Hunger, humility, hubris

Rapport and body language

Questioning, listening, summarising

Understanding and capturing the need

Interdisciplinary skills

Download the course curricula and learning objectives


Example costings

Public Prices

  • Kickstart Performance Skills (KPS) £159.20 exc VAT
  • Graduate to Performance (GTP) £399.20 exc VAT
  • Bundle of KPS & GTP £440 exc VAT

Institutional prices per student (for over 300 students)

  • Kickstart Performance Skills (KPS) £79.00 exc VAT
  • Graduate to Performance (GTP) £199 exc VAT
  • Bundle of KPS & GTP £219 exc VAT

Prices vary based on the number of students you wish to enrol. Use the calculators below to estmate costs.

Unlock extra support with our optional add ons

+ customise your investment with your university logo on the 'school' pages

+ Analytics and student engagement monthly reporting

+ 3 virtual employability lectures by Steve Ingham or Jamie Pringle

+ 3 virtual days strategic course development & leadership team support

+ Employability white paper download

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How does access work? You tell us which courses you would like and how many students you wish to provide access to, we provide you with an invoice, you sign our course access agreement. Cnce we receive the agreement and payment, access is granted.

How do the students access the courses? We'll create a bespoke school for your access. You will provide a secure copy (we are fully GDPR and confidentiality compliant in the storage of data) of the student details and we'll automatically enrol them. They will then have direct access to the course content (we've found so far that if you leave it up to the students to enrol themselves, sign up rates are poor. If we automatically enrol them then engagement is much, much higher).

Do we need to renew each year? Students gain access to the courses for the year of purchase. If you wish to maintain access for the student throughout their course of study, you will need to renew access each year.

How long does access last for? Each student will retain their enrolment for 1 year.

What can students do after course access expires? If students wish to sustain access to course material, our membership access will provide them with further engagement with a supportive community, live Q&As and masterclass webinars.



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