Land Your Dream Role with The Ultimate Guide to Acing Sports Science Interviews
(inc acted scenes)

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By: Dr. Steve Ingham

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Know what to expect! Anticipate what interviewers are looking for! Know how to nail your answers! Don't look like a bumbling amateur!

Dreading the thought of job interviews? You’re not alone.

The world of sports science is competitive, and excelling in interviews is no less challenging than the field itself. ‘Interviewing Excellence’ is here to change that.

This course is specially designed for sports science graduates and professionals who are facing the daunting task of translating their academic achievements and passion into successful job interviews.

With our (acted) LIVE modules, you’ll learn to navigate various interview formats, including the increasingly common virtual interviews, and tackle those tricky technical and performance-based questions.

We understand the anxieties and pitfalls of the interview process and provide practical, real-world strategies to overcome them. From crafting impactful introductions to handling the nerve-wracking final questions, this course is your step-by-step guide to turning interview apprehension into interview aptitude. 

Sign up for ‘Interviewing Excellence’ and transform your interview challenges into opportunities, paving your way to a thriving career in sports science.

Course Reviews

Dr. Kellie Pritchard-peschek
Dr. Kellie Pritchard-peschek
Physiologist, Performance Optimisation
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“An absolute must for any sports performance practitioner who wishes to enjoy a successful career in elite sport”
Dr. Duncan French
Dr. Duncan French
Vice President, PerformanceUFC Performance Institute
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"This amazing new learning platform, is exactly what I have been searching for to recommend to those leaving higher education and wanting to work in performance"
Psychologist in training, Liverpool John Moores
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“This course is the perfect complement to bridge the gap from the classroom to the performance arena.”
James Fleming
James Fleming
Performance Nutritionist
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“I would thoroughly recommend this course to any student or graduate wanting to work with the best athletes and coaches. It goes into so much detail, that you end up feeling incredibly prepared.”

Why Take This Course?

Secure your career

Acquire the complete skill transition to work in sports performance:

Who Is This Course For?

Ideal For: This course is for students about to leave full-time education and for those already out in the working world who are now starting to take their future career seriously and need to develop the skill of interviewing to land their dream jobs

Course Features

Interviewing for jobs is such a rare experience, we’ve gone the extra mile and re-created real-life scenes from interview with a group of actors. you’ll see the bad, the common mistakes, and the gold-standard answers. LIVE = filmed scenes.

  • Mindset for interviews
  • LIVE: Interview formats (inc virtual)
  • LIVE: Pre-interview engagement
  • LIVE: Interview start
  • LIVE: Interview presentations
  • LIVE: Interview technical questions
  • LIVE: Interview performance questions
  • LIVE: Interview questions about teams and you
  • LIVE: Final questions
  • LIVE: Group interviews, practical test, problem solving tasks
  • LIVE: Interview outcome and feedback

Module duration 4 hours
Additional optional activities approx 1 hour

Take the proven steps of understanding, skill development and action.

Course + Community = Results

You’ll have access to the course for the lifetime of the course. On top of the course content, a chance to connect with your expert tutor, you’ll have access to the Supporting Champions community forever!

In the community, you’ll find:

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About The Course Tutor

Steve Ingham book image
Dr. Steve Ingham

Dr. Steve Ingham, Performance Scientist and Director of Supporting Champions, and former Director of Science and Head of Physiology at the English Institute of Sport, introduces the 'Interviewing Excellence' course.

"In the dynamic world of sports and performance, making a strong first impression is crucial, and it often starts with the interview. Recognising the gap between academic preparation and real-world demands, I've developed the 'Interviewing Excellence' course. This course is tailored to help those aspiring to enter the sports and performance industry to not only navigate but excel in the critical interview process.

The harsh reality is that the sports performance industry can be unforgiving, and unpreparedness is often starkly exposed. My goal is to ensure that you're not just prepared, but standout in your interviews. We delve deep into the skills that are essential for success but are rarely communicated in depth – from mastering interview techniques to presenting yourself with confidence and clarity.

This course is the culmination of my years of experience in mentoring and developing thousands of performance professionals. It's designed to empower you to take control of your interview process, giving you the tools to transition seamlessly into your desired career path and set the stage for long-term success.

If you're ready to elevate your interview skills, make impactful first impressions, and pave your way to a successful career in sports and performance, 'Interviewing Excellence' is your go-to resource."

Interviewing Excellence