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Kickstart Performance Skills

Understand professional sports performance and get work experience

If you want to work in performance sport - you need work experience to show that you can do the job. In today’s competitive environment, this can sometimes prove hard to achieve. This course is ideal for those wanting to invest in their development. It has been specifically designed to help you develop the skills, mindset and methods to land desirable work experience placements and ultimately, your first job in sports performance.

Develop your sports performance focus and understand how to support athletes

Get yourself noticed for your expertise and professionalism - with a CV to match

Gain the confidence to demonstrate knowledge that sets you apart from your peers

Experience shows that it is not enough to rely on academic qualifications; this course has the clear and simple aim of boosting your chances of good-quality employment once you’ve graduated. After completing the course you will have the skills and confidence to kickstart your career in sports performance and achieve your goals.

This course is a proven method to guide you through the essential lessons about the skills you’ll need in your sports performance career, with engaging and interactive activities to help you take your first steps toward succeeding in work.

Course Overview

Acquire the complete skillset to bridge the gap:

Understand what it takes to work in sports performance

Realise what employers are really looking for

Find out how to acquire experience

Explore sports performance career routes

Discover how to develop professionalism in your experience

Kickstart Performance Skills Supporting Champions

This course aims to equip you with a complete skillset to stand out in the sports performance industry. It is ideal for those who are thinking seriously about their career and know they need to invest in their development.

Students who have completed this course show persistence, willingness to learn and the right mindset to succeed in performance teams. Taking this course will put you in the top 3% of talent and position you ahead of the pack with the skills, experience and mindset that employers need. Not only do you benefit from the expert teaching and insights about what a career in sports performance really looks like, you’ll also be given a certificate at the end of the course to add to your portfolio.

Kickstart Performance Skills is a certificated track. You can take additional modules to start studying for the interdisciplinary award (completed by undertaking modules in Graduate to Performance).

Why do I need sports performance-related work experience?

If it’s your ambition to fast track your sports performance career development, then you should be aiming to land quality work experience placements at the earliest opportunity. But in such a competitive industry, this can prove tricky and may take a while to achieve - often leaving aspiring practitioners in limbo.

The organisations that award placements are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing candidates. That’s why it is important to stand out for your confidence and professionalism. You may have some transferable skills from previous employment, but this isn’t always enough - particularly if you’re aiming to work in sports performance at a high level.

Our Kickstart Performance Skills course is a quick and effective way to teach you practical skills relevant to the sports performance industry. It offers a unique opportunity to learn from experienced professionals such as Dr Steve Ingham, who can share insights from his decades of experience working on prestigious projects with elite athletes.

Course Tutor: Dr Steve Ingham

Kickstart Performance Skills Supporting Champions

"With KPS I have one simple aim; to support those with an ambition to work in sports and performance to increase their chances of having a successful career, by developing the skills necessary to thrive in work - while you're studying.

I've distilled my experience of supporting thousands of athletes and developing thousands of performance professionals into this course, to help you take ownership of your future by following a proven path to success."

Some of the roles I've held in high-performance:

2016 - present: Performance Consultant, Supporting Champions
2013 - 2016: Director of Science and Technical Development, English Institute of Sport
2009 - 2013: Head of Physiology, English Institute of Sport
2005 - 2009: Lead Physiologist, English Institute of Sport
1998 - 2004: Senior Physiologist & Sports Science Manager, British Olympic Association
1997 - 1998: Sports Performance Officer, English Sports Council

Get ready for work

We support you to acquire high quality work experience, teach you the skills necessary to thrive in the workplace and ready yourself to succeed working in sports performance.

28 bitesize lessons

A step-by-step process to take you from your first realisations about the need to develop yourself through to acquiring and succeeding in work experience.

4 core modules

  • Creating your future
  • Understanding work in sports performance
  • Growing skills & work experience
  • Thriving & professionalism

Online, on-demand course format

High-quality video tutorials in a digestible format. Learn on the go, in short sessions, or join blocks together to go at your own pace.


Don't go it alone. Learn and develop together in our unique community hub. Network with like-minded people, get feedback on work, forge connections and ask your questions.

12 worksheets

12 actionable worksheets to inspire you to move forward. Optional to complete, they'll continue to be useful long after you've finished your course.

Kickstart Performance Skills Supporting Champions

Marcus Ward

Sports Scientist, Nottingham Forest FC, Nottingham Trent Uni

“This course gives excellent insight and recommendations for helping me work in the world of high performance”

Kickstart Performance Skills Supporting Champions

Rebecca Lennon

Physiologist, Glasgow University

"As a recent graduate, this course is very relatable and beneficial in helping me at this stage in my life!"

Kickstart Performance Skills Supporting Champions

Elliot Sharp

Psychologist in training, Loughborough University

“I now understand what are the priority areas of personal and interpersonal skills required to grow as a practitioner”

What will the Kickstart Performance Skills course cover?

This course is for students of sports and exercise aiming to work as a professional in sports and performance. The realities of working in the industry means that there is a strong possibility that you'll be exposed - not in a good way. The skills you'll be required to develop, demonstrate and excel at in work are rarely trained at university, at worst they're not even talked about.

Kickstart Performance Skills Supporting Champions

Module duration 42 mins
Optional activities approx 1 hour 30 mins

Creating your future lessons

  • How people are making a difference by supporting athletes and teams
  • Your current status and work prospects in sport and performance
  • Why your university education is unlikely to equip you for working in sport and performance
  • The importance of craft skills
Kickstart Performance Skills Supporting Champions

Module duration 53 mins
Optional activities approx 1 hour 45 mins

Understanding work in sports and performance lessons

  • Case study: Sir Steve Redgrave
  • The demand of working in sports performance environments
  • The transferability of craft skills to other professions
  • Developing your performance focus and taking action
Kickstart Performance Skills Supporting Champions

Module duration 44 mins
Optional activities approx 3 hours

Applied skills and growing experience lessons

  • Case study: Beijing Olympics exposes craft skills
  • The determinants of your performance
  • Priority professional skills
  • How to grow your abilities
Kickstart Performance Skills Supporting Champions

Module duration 26 mins
Optional activities approx 1 hour 30 mins

Thriving and professionalism lessons

  • Turning up to work and starting well
  • Reflective practice
  • Developing your professional skills
  • Being effective in your studies

Watch some sample clips from the course

Boost your CV and stand out with our certificate in Kickstart Performance Skills; an ideal intermediate level course for aspiring sports performance professionals.

Aspiring sports performance professional?
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As a part of the course, you'll gain membership to our exclusive community of sports performance professionals, developing and networking together. Benefit from exclusive live Q&As and professional development webinars to fast track your skills.

Find out more about the community here.

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