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Letter to the 15000: Resources

This post provides resources for those who utilise the ‘Letter to the 15000’ blog to prime student thinking, attitude and actions to take greater ownership of their future.

A message for new students of Sports Science at University


Notes for video

Main themes covered in the message about the ‘Letter to the 15,000’ blog

  • You (university lecturers) are in support of their vocational skills and are there to answer their queries
  • Studying and working require different skills
  • If students focus just on their studies their employability will be low
  • Development of vocational skills are best undertaken through relevant work experience
  • Relevant work experience can be achieved in part through placements, but self-generated experience is most valued by employers, because it shows intent, tenacity, resilience, high discretionary effort and persistence.
  • Direct students to the webinar so that they can get further insight
  • Direct students to sign up to the FREE ‘Letter to the 15,000’ course, (part of the Performance Careers course)

Employability Courses

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Blog posts to direct students to

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Skills focus: Interdisciplinary

Being Applied

Top podcasts to engage your students

070 Stephen Seiler on how the best train

039: Emma Ross on the female athlete and equality in performance cultures

084: Alistair Brownlee on a sub-7 hour Ironman triathlon

067: Mel Marshall on evolving coaching

071 Mark Webber on racing in formula one