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with 100s of aspiring and professional performance support staff


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For students studying sport
and just starting to think about a
career in sports performance

Graduate membership

For students and graduates who want to
fast-track their skills to work in sports performance

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With our Supporting champions membership courses you will learn


What it takes to be successful as a scientist working in sports performance and how to develop the professional skills that top teams need.


In-depth insights into the skills, experience and methods that will allow you to develop and perform, including how the best have got ahead.


How to develop a laser focused approach to getting work and thriving in work so that you're able to make impact for athletes, coaches and teams.


I've broken down all the essential principles, steps and actions that you need to learn about for a career in sports and performance. You will understand everything that is required to differentiate yourself for the career your aiming for.

Get results
in your

My system is informed by working on the front-line with elite performers, institutes and teams. Now you can benefit from my 25 years experience as a leader and developer of people to get ahead in your career.

and learn

I'll be there to support and champion your progress, but you'll also be surrounded by 100s of people just like you, learning together, supporting each other developing a powerful network of colleagues that you can collaborate with throughout your career.


Free Courses and Resources

  • The Letter to the 15000 Course*
  • Focus on Performance Track*
  • Performance Resources
  • Free Webinar Replay


£239.99 Per year
  • Kickstart Performance Skills Track*
  • Graduate to Performance Track*
  • Interdisciplinary Award*
  • Community membership and discussion spaces
  • Live Q&As and exclusive webinars
  • Mini-challenges
  • Access to all Free Courses and Resources

Pro Performer

  • Access to all Free and Graduate Courses
  • Masterclass Series
  • Professional Skills Course
  • Setting up Your Own Consultancy Course
  • Professional Peer Community
  • Keynote Replay


Complete the track to achieve the certificate. Include the award on your CV, use to demonstrate competency for your accreditation and continued professional development.

What's Inside the membership community?

The community is built with two key pillars;

1. A private and focused community

  • Channels for discussion around content, skill development and challenges your having
  • Member networking and cross-collaboration
  • Mini-challenges to develop your mindset, skills and experience
  • Private 1:1 messaging between community members
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2. Exclusive content to learn


Ideal for you if you're studying sport and just starting to invest development in your future career.

Includes Certificated Courses, A Letter to the 15,000 and Focus on Performance

career route primer
Resources Wp


Perfect for those students and graduates transitioning to work and are serious about investing in the right skills, experience and mindset for performance sport. Includes Certificated Tracks; Kickstart Performance Skills; Graduate to Performance; Interdisciplinary award

KPS title
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Focused resources for professional support staff

Utilise lessons to help you increase your effectiveness and connect with the brightest minds in performance science

Pro skills
Mastermind series
Keynotes series



portrait one

Elliott Sharp
Trainee Psychologist

"I now understand what are the priority areas of personal and interpersonal skills"

portrait 2

Dr Kate Spilsbury
Performance Scientist

"These courses and resources provide a unique insight into what it takes to work in high performance sport and the key skills required"

portrait 3

Dr Stafford Murray
Head of Innovation
High Performance
Sport New Zealand

"An unsurpassable level of learnings for all performance professionals."

Bridging the gap is hard, now you don't have to go it alone

You know the vocational skills gap is there, employers know it and it feels rubbish when you confront it and are hindered by it. So little support. Confusion. Doubt. No direct access to experts. Confusion about which path. Fear of falling short.

Sports performance professionals face these struggles every day and can lead to unfocused action, paralysis of momentum, poor decision making, and feeling overwhelmed. Faced with these struggles, it's no surprise why so many fall short of achieving their personal career goals.

So little emphasis in education and work is put on how to become effective at working. Whether you're studying and want to up your employability, you're about to step out into the working world or already out there as professional performer - you're often left to your own devices to get ahead.

the right place?

Yes! You are most certainly in the right place to accelerate your career, though don't think there is a short cut.

It's not easy. Success is never guaranteed. However, the probability of success, building the skills to thrive, can be dramatically improved by joining forces with others who share your ambition, appetite and approach.

And the solution...

We have 25 years of supporting and championing performance people. We've seen 10,000's of CVs; interviewed 1000's of applicants; managed, developed and coached 1,000s of people to secure the job they dream of and to thrive in the role. We've never had a private community to focus on supporting people, until now!

Our employability community hub

The membership community is for committed, growth-minded, progressive aspiring and professional performance practitioners, motivated to enhance their professional effectiveness by self-discovery, willing to do the work, eager to create their own future.

All performance professionals get there in a different way but share common experiences;

  • Education integrated with experience
  • Immersive training
  • Professional networking
  • Interactive collaborations
  • Access to proven advice and guidance

Taking true value from these experiences is only really possible when the place providing them has one critical quality: SAFETY!

We have a programme of support, learning and dedicated community levels for you whether you are just starting out as a student, learning your craft as a fresh graduate or professional practitioner.

Course tutor and membership
developer: Dr Steve Ingham

Some of the roles, I've held in high-performance;

2016- present; Performance consultant, Supporting Champions

2013-2016; Director of Science and Technical Development, English Institute of Sport

2009–2013; Head of Physiology, English Institute of Sport

2005–2009; Lead Physiologist, English Institute of Sport

1998–2004; Senior Physiologist & Sports Science Manager, British Olympic Association

1997–1998; Sports Performance Officer, English Sports Council

"I've pulled together everything I've learned about practitioner effectiveness and developed the complete course for you to learn and develop your career with.

The membership is a trusting place for your development, prioritising your privacy, providing you a safe place to test yourself with constructive support for you to up your skills. This is your one-stop-shop to craft your employability and personal effectiveness. "

Some of the companies I've worked for and consult with

Trusted by:

"In the membership, you'll learn all of the insights gained working with these companies, not just what you need to know but develop the skills, mindset and experience to get ahead"

Is it for you?

It's for you if you;

  • are motivated to learn and grow
  • are focused on a career supporting others
  • realise that your future is in your hands and you need to own it
  • accept the responsibility to work hard and diligently because you know that success is proportional to how well prepared you are
  • value multi- and inter-disciplinary thinking as the core of team working
  • appreciate that the 'how', the craft skill is what will determine your professional excellence

It's not for you if you;

  • are motivated by telling people what to do
  • believe knowledge will trump experience every time
  • are invulnerable
  • don't like receiving feedback
  • expect success to come easily because you've been through a phase of study
  • just want to focus on what you can do and don't need others for you to succeed
  • want a speedy-boarding pass to sit on the bench at Man Utd (or equivalent)

Feel like the membership is for you?


Is there a fee? Yes there's an annual recurring fee of either £239 / year for GRADUATE / tbc for PRO. There is FREE access for beginner courses and additional resources.

Will there be a chance to have my own questions answered? Yes. Every six weeks we'll hold a live Q&A session in GRADUATE and MASTERMIND sessions every month in PRO.

Will I get access to all the content?  This depends on your membership level. In GRADUATE you'll have access to Kickstart Performance Skills; Graduate to Performance and to replay selected webinars. In PRO you'll have access to all of the above plus the Pro Skills courses, Setting up your own Consultancy course and Keynote replay series.

Can I achieve CPD points and certificates through the courses. Yes. All courses are currently being validated for external CPD points. There are four certificated routes;

  • Focus on Performance (Free)
  • Kickstart Performance Skills (Graduate)
  • Graduate to Performance (Graduate)
  • Interdisciplinary award (Graduate)

Can I connect directly with other members? Yes, direct messaging is available.

Will the content be discipline specific? Yes and no. The main focus is about how you work, your skills and importantly thinking in an interdisciplinary way (we believe you'll probably have more than enough knowledge, but it's how you use that knowledge that will determine your effectiveness). However, there are discipline specific interviews, guides and examples and there is a chance for you to create discipline specific forum discussions with people of a similar interest.

Supporting Champions

We utilise the lessons learned from the last 25 years of working in high performance sports and businesses to support and champion you, your teams and systems.

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