Online course

Online course

With the experience of;


Athletes supported


Practitioners led


CVs read

... distilled into a student focussed course to help you bridge the vocational skills gap, up your employability and enhance your effectiveness in the demanding, complex and inspirational world of sport and performance.

What's included

30 prioritised
video lessons
25 selected podcast clips
12 action worksheets
E-copy of How to Support a Champion

Course highlights

Creating your future

  • How people are making a difference by supporting athletes and teams

  • Your current status and work prospects in sport and performance

  • Why your university education is unlikely to equip you for working in sport and performance

  • The importance of craft skills

Working in sports and performance

  • Case study: What Sir Steve Redgrave taught me about trust

  • The demand of working in sports performance environments

  • The transferability of craft skills to other professions

  • Developing your performance focus and taking action

Critical craft skills

  • Case study: What the Beijing Olympics taught us about craft skill

  • The determinants of your performance

  • Priority professional skills

  • How to grow your abilities

Thriving in work and your studies

  • Reflective practice

  • Developing your professional skills

  • Being effective in your studies


Graduates, Practitioners, Leaders

What are people saying?

"I now understand what are the priority areas of personal and interpersonal skills"
Elliott Sharp
Trainee Psychologist
"This course provides a unique insight into what it takes to work in high performance sport and the key skills required"
Dr Kate Spilsbury
Performance Physiologist
"An unsurpassable amount of detail, experience and learnings are available here for all aspiring sports scientists to access and thrive from."
Dr Stafford Murray
Head of Innovation
High Performance Sport New Zealand

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Students who have been through the course

"As a recent graduate, this course is very relatable. In hindsight, knowing everything this course taught me at undergraduate level would have been very beneficial in helping me at this current stage in my life!"

Rebecca Lennon

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Glasgow University

The Supporting Champions Kickstart Performance Skills Course is exactly the type of provision I wish I had received during my undergraduate years at university. The course helps to provide insight and perspective into what it’s like to operate in the industry and what is needed to succeed. It's a perfect complement to bridge knowledge learnt in the classroom at university to the performance arena. Had I known this sooner, it would have framed my study much more effectively and efficiently. I enjoyed the range of tasks to work through during the course so that I was able to apply and reflect on the learnings in the core content.

Sam Porter

Trainee Sports Psychologist

Liverpool John Moores University

"I would thoroughly recommend this course to any student or graduate wanting to work with the best athletes and coaches. At University we are taught the theory, but not necessarily how to apply it. Having the craft skills is essential to becoming an effective practitioner and this course provides an invaluable source of advice as to how to do it."

James Fleming


Brunel University

"There's no substitute for experience, but this course is one of the next best alternatives with excellent insight and recommendations from someone who's been there and done it to provide the foundations for future work in the world of high performance."

Marcus Ward

Sports Scientist

Nottingham Trent and Loughborough University

"If you want a career supporting athletes achieve their goals, then it is essential you begin selflessly applying yourself to achieving your goal of working in elite sport. The content on this course provides a concise, clear and impactful means of opening your eyes to what is required to work in sport and you can begin to put yourself in the best possible position in the near future. I now understand what are the priority areas of personal and interpersonal skills required to grow as a practitioner and I can now put effort into building the experience to bridge the gap between my academic studies and the applied sport environment."

Elliot Sharpe

Trainee psychologist

Loughborough University

Practitioners working frontline

"The Kickstart Performance Skills on-line course is an absolute game-changer for any sport and exercise science student aspiring to work in high performance sport. In such a competitive industry to break into, academic knowledge alone is not enough.

This course provides a unique insight into what it takes to work in high performance sport and the key skills required for applying knowledge and making a performance impact. Steve shares his own extremely valuable experiences from working in elite sport and highlights the interpersonal skills that are so crucial to becoming a successful practitioner. I would highly recommend this course for any student or recent graduate looking to maximise their potential as a future high performance practitioner. Don’t hesitate, sign up now!"

Dr Kate Spilsbury

Performance Physiologist

"An excellent course that tells it like it is! If you are a young sport scientist that is serious about helping athletes improve their performances then this needs to be top of your ’to do list’" 

James Spragg

Coach and Exercise Physiologist

Spragg Cycling

"The Kickstart Performance Skills course is a game changer for university students and graduates wanting to work in high performance. If you want help translating your knowledge into real-life expertise, this is the course for you. Learn how to prepare for the craft of working in elite environments and gather expert advice and practical tips for self-development. I wish I had this insight during my degree and in preparation for the early years of my career."

Jason Laird

Lead Physiotherapist,

English Institute of Sport / British Gymnastics

Leaders of high performance teams

“In my position as the Performance Director for a global sporting organization, I spend a significant amount of time interrogating how high performance services and sport science can be best delivered to athletes. Central to my philosophies are not only the need to deliver the highest standards of technical expertise, but also the fashion in which we interact and deliver our services are perceived as valuable and relevant to the end user (i.e. the athlete).  The development of technical skills is common place in high performance sport, as practitioners jockey to constantly better themselves and differentiate their abilities from others.  However, in so many incidences technical skills are developed independent of the crucial vocational and professional skills that really allow scientists and practitioners to excel in the demanding environment of high performance sport.


Through this amazing new learning platform, Steve has created exactly what I have been searching for; a method of upskilling young professionals in the complementary skills needed to thrive in the performance environment.  I would endorse any young professional seeking a career in sport to truly reflect on their abilities, and then engage in the ‘Kickstart Performance Skills’ development platform.  It certainly attracts me as a potential employer knowing that there is now a mechanism to develop more holistic young professionals with all the required skills I would be looking for.”

Dr Duncan French

Vice President, Performance

UFC Performance Institute

This course is completely novel and outstanding! An unsurpassable amount of detail, experience and learnings are available here for all aspiring sports scientists to access and thrive from. Steve, and his team at Supporting Champions, have created an incredible resource that has not existed before. If it was available when I was starting out in sports science in the 1990’s I would have been the first to book in!”  

Dr Stafford Murray

Head of Innovation

High Performance Sport New Zealand 

"The Kickstart Performance Skills course is an absolute must for any sports performance practitioner who wishes to enjoy a fulfilled and successful career in elite sport. This program is a real-life journey through the early-career practitioner's pathway from study to employment, providing a realistic view of the future, what it takes to be a high performance practitioner, and the use of real-world examples and case studies to illustrate and extract learnings. The comprehensive approach to practitioner development that this course offers, characteristic of Steve's supreme expertise in the area, is invaluable, and as such the KPS course has been integrated as a staple development tool in our new performance practitioner internship program."

Dr Kellie Pritchard-Pescheck

Head of Performance Support

Harper Performance

"The Supporting Champions Kickstart Performance Skills course developed by Steve Ingham and Supporting Champions lift the lid on what it actually takes to establish a successful career pathway at the end of your university studies. The industry has been crying out for this type of information for over a decade and it’s great to see that a ‘real world’ course exists to complement the academic skills and knowledge that graduates are learning through their formal studies. If you are serious about establishing a successful career then this course is a sound investment in your personal and professional growth. Don’t wait until your final year to try and figure out the next step. Take action now and stand out from crowd."

Nick Grantham

Performance Enhancement Specialist,

Author of You're Hired and Strength and Conditioning Bible