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Professional level education and skills for applied performance science support practitioners

Have you ever wondered?

  • Am I focussing on the right areas to help the athletes I’m working with?
  • Am I up-to-date, prioritising and creative enough with the most important knowledge?
  • Am I doing the right work in the right way to make a difference with the athletes I’m engaged with?

Your solution

The Supporting Champions ‘Applied Performance Practitioner Programme’ courses are designed for you to succeed as a support practitioner working in sports performance. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced professional who needs to realign your focus and refresh your skills - these courses are designed for you to be sure you’re equipped to create impact for the clients you’re working with.

Cut through
the noise

Focus on
what matters

Skill up to
make an impact


Sophie killer athletics


Course Tutor: Dr Sophie Killer, Consultant Performance Nutritionist, former Tottenham Hotspur FC, UK Athletics, GB Basketball, English Institute of Sport.

"I've created this course to get to the heart of the limitations the contemporary nutritionist is faced with to help them excel. The course will enable you to make meaningful sense of the array of nutrition knowledge out there in the world that so often confuses athletes and practitioners alike. I will share the essential ‘need to knows’ but offer you practical examples for you to understand your discipline and give you ways to make fuelling, recovery and performance nutrition engaging."

Learn essential nutrient knowledge

Analyse training and competition needs

Develop strategies for safe supplement use

Create strategies for home and away

Sian Allen

Performance analysis

Course Tutor: Dr Sian Allen, Senior Research Scientist in the innovation team at Lululemon Athletica, Former Performance Intelligence Manager with New Zealand Institute of Sport, PhD in Statistical Modelling AUT.

"I’ve designed this course specifically to help performance analysts get the most from the opportunity in front of them of workign with athletes and teams. There is a need to make sure you’re setting your systems, processes and performance questions up from the start of your work otherwise you’ll be playing catch up with your background work and scratching the surface of the difference you can make."

Learn to define quality performance questions

Handle and analyse data

Present and interpret data to create insight

Individual and team performance

Steve Ingham course


Course Tutor: Dr Steve Ingham, Performance Scientist and Director of Supporting Champions, Former Director of Science and Head of Physiology at English Institute of Sport

"Whether just starting out or experienced, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of possibilities, infinite number of ideas and subtleties of advice you could be giving. I’ve designed this course to specifically help you navigate through the uncertainty and provide you with insights into the concepts that can help you make decisions, present to you what gold standard analysis and interpretation looks like and show you the edge that you can offer as a physiologist hoping to make impact for the athletes and coaches you’re working with."

Learn and practice performance modelling

Analyse training to make insightful prescriptions

Best practice for physiological testing and analyse responses

Develop ‘first principles’ knowledge and philosophies to guide decision making

Chris Marshall Rebecca Symes2


Course Tutor: Chris Marshall, Sport and Exercise Psychologist, formerly English Institute of Sport, ECB, FA, currently Team Anthony Joshua, Wasps, RFC, Notts CCC and Rebecca Levett, Sport and Exercise Psychologist with GB Hockey Women’s team formerly FA, Manchester City FC, Archery GB, Surrey CCC and ECB. 

"We’ve created this course to support the psychologist practitioner to understand and develop the skills required to truly apply their knowledge. There is a clear difference between what’s learned in the class, through supervision and what psychologists are challenged with when working with athletes, teams and coaches. We’ll share with you the key areas that will help you navigate through the noise while giving you practical examples, real-world dilemmas, challenging situations and frameworks to move your work, and your clients, forward."

Learn case formulation

Craft your practice philosophy

Support adolescents, coaches & teams’ mental health

Prepare to support athletes in competition

Nick grantham colour

Strength and Conditioning

Course Tutor: Nick Grantham, Performance Consultant, former English Institute of Sport lead, Newcastle United S&C coach, consultant to Chinese National Football team, RFU, Great Britain’s Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams, best selling author.

"I’ve designed this course specifically to help S&C coaches create impact. I often see coaches focus on the x’s and o’s or taking a short term approach. This programme will help you think, act and work in a more ambitious way, to create more sustained success in your role."

Learn essentials of physical preparation

Craft engaging and effective sessions

Design quality programmes

Stay up to date with the latest technology

Course Details and Questions

How does the course work?

After you sign up you’ll be sent a link to provide us with some additional details about you, your current status, what you’re aiming towards and currently working on.

A week before the course you will be sent a course pack with the information and relevant activities for you to be undertaking in advance.

  • There are ten video lessons each of approx. one hour duration
  • Sessions are uploaded to the Supporting Champions learning platform each Monday where there is a chance to post your comments and questions 
  • Some of the course routes will need you to have access to word and excel
  • You can watch the course again for one year after registering
  • There will be a quiz to check your learning for each lesson. Completing all of these will allow you to access the certificate

Is this the right fit for You?

  • What’s the difference between this course and what I might learn at university? Very simply - this course is truly applied and designed to create impact for you because it is informed by experience and tailored to enhance your effectiveness. 
  • The focus of the course is at the beginner to intermediate level of practitioner performance*. So if you are about to start a role, want to skill up for a role or have experience and need a renewed focus to orient your work onto what is really important, to do so with confidence that you’re going to be able to make impact and improve performance - this course is for you.
  • The minimum requirements for registration is that you are undertaking or have undertaken a bachelors degree in sports and/exercise science degree or equivalent. 
  • This isn’t just a flash in the pan course. All too often you go on a course and you don’t soak it all up at the time. This course is different as you’ll have access to the course material for at least 12 months. So if you prefer to go back and reflect a little more you’ll be able to do just that.
  • If you value connection as well as content, then we’ve got that covered. When you sign up for the course you’ll be enrolled into our community for at least 12 months to help support you, give you a chance to ask your questions and develop.


  • Where's the Biomechanics and Performance Lifestyle/Player Development routes? We full intend to host these routes but they're not viable at the moment. If you want to register your interest in these routes, subscribe for updates, email us to let us know or even better still club a group together (we need at least 10) to help make it happen.
  • Can I do all the courses? Yes that's possible. Drop us a note at to find out more.
  • Is there a chance to engage with the tutors throughout? Yes, there'll be comments for all lessons and community support for up to t a year after the course starts. We'll be setting up Q&As too to engage with you.
  • Can I watch the lessons live? No, we're pre-recording all of the sessions, because we want to be absolutely sure you have the content delivered on time (for example, one of the tutors caught COVID recently). However, we will be looking into running some live Q&As.
  • I'm already in the Supporting Champions Membership is there a discount for members? For Graduate members yes - you'll find details in the community discussion board.

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