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That’s simple, they’re applied, informed by decades of experience and results focused!
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Student and Professional level education and skills for applied performance science support practitioners.

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The Supporting Champions Online Courses are designed for you to succeed as a support practitioner working in sports performance. All courses are accessible online in easily digestible tutorials, underpinned by by a supportive community hub for you to connect with like-minded people – so that you can learn together.


Ideal for students and graduates

These course are designed specifically for those students and graduates wanting to drive at developing the skills necessary to succeed. They’re not for those looking to get a quick fix – these courses are a proven method to learn what it takes, skill up, get experience and land the job you want.

Explore the best route forward for your career, with expert insights from leading performance practitioners and develop your performance mindset.

£149.99 now £9.99

Upgrade your future by taking the proven method to get high quality work experience in performance.

£199.99 now £99.99

Deep dive on developing a portfolio, networking, industry view on applying for jobs, acted scenes for interviewing excellence.


Ideal for those starting work in applied science and aiming to improve their collaboration, critical thinking, establishing priority innovation, communication, strategic skills, working energy.



These courses are ideal if you’re just starting out in work or an experienced professional who needs to realign your focus and refresh your skills – these courses are designed for you to be sure you’re equipped to create impact for the clients you’re working with.

Ideal for S&C coaches 2-10 years into their careers to skill up and refresh their practice to support athletes with all aspects of physical conditioning.

Course Tutor: Nick Grantham


Ideal for physiologists to upgrade their skills and applied knowledge to increase their impact with coaches and athletes.

Course Tutor: Dr Steve Ingham


For trainee and experienced psychologists who are ambitious to develop best practice with athletes and coaches.

Course Tutors: Chris Marshall & Rebecca Levett


Supporting Performance Analysts 2-10 years into their careers aiming to develop advanced skills in support of athletes, coaches and teams.

Course Tutor: Dr Sian Allen


For trainee and experienced nutritionist who are ambitious to develop evidence based practice in support of athlete performance.

Course Tutor: Dr Sophie Killer


For those thinking about developing a side-hustle or fully taking your future career into your own hands. Learn how to set up your own business, differentiate yourself and charge for your services.
Course Tutor: Dr Steve Ingham


What are people saying?

Graduates, Practitioners, Leaders

"I now understand what are the priority areas of personal and interpersonal skills"

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Elliott Sharp
Trainee Psychologist
"These courses provides a unique insight into what it takes to work in high performance sport and the key skills required"
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Dr Kate Spilsbury
Performance Physiologist
"An unsurpassable level of detail, experience and learnings are available here for all aspiring sports scientists to access and thrive from."
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Dr Stafford Murray
Head Of Innovation High Performance Sport New Zealand

Courses Faqs

Yes you can take as many courses as you like. When you unlock a course you’ll automatically have access to the course comments and discussion space for each course. If you want to buy several at once drop us a note at to find out more.

Yes. Community access is for all intermediate and advanced courses (this does not include Performance Careers course). Inside the community you can connect with other members. Direct messaging is available.

Yes and no. The Applied Pro Courses are discipline specific. A big focus though is about how you work, your skills and importantly thinking in an interdisciplinary way (we believe you’ll probably have more than enough knowledge, but it’s how you use that knowledge that will determine your effectiveness). However, there are discipline specific interviews, guides and examples and there is a chance for you to create discipline specific forum discussions with people of a similar interest.

Yes. Courses are certificated. Several courses such as the following are mapped to professional accreditation pathways with BASES

We are committed to keeping courses accessible for students and professionals lacking financial stability.
You may be eligible for a scholarship if you are under 23 and are experiencing financial distress. Please note that assistance with funding is only available pre-purchase and can’t be applied after a transaction takes place. Apply below.