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Inside the Supporting Champions Community, practitioners just like you
come together to meet, support one another, get answers to burning questions,
learn from experts, participate in growth challenges and more

Creating impact is hard, now you don't have to go it alone

Doubt. No direct access to experts. Confusion about where to go or what path. Fear of falling short. Well we don't want that to be you.

Sports science practitioners battle with these struggles every day. Whether you are an aspiring sports scientist or a professional out there plying your trade you know that having the knowledge is only one part of the equation and that 'how' you work is what will truly get you ahead. You know the vocational skills gap is there, you know that performance environments are complex, pressured, demanding, results focused, and highly dependent on your ability to work with others.

Many graduates fall off the cliff edge because they're not ready for work. Sports performance professionals face these dynamic and every changing demands every day which can lead to unfocused action, paralysis of momentum, poor decision making, and feeling overwhelmed. Faced with these struggles, it's no surprise why so many fall short of achieving their personal career goals.

So little emphasis in education and work is put on how to become effective at working. Whether you're studying and want to up your employability, you're about to step out into the working world or already out there as professional performer - you're often left to your own devices to get ahead.

the right place?

Yes! You are most certainly in the right place to accelerate your career, though don't think there is a short cut.

It's not easy. Success is never guaranteed. However, the probability of success, building the skills to thrive, can be dramatically improved by joining forces with others who share your ambition, appetite and approach.


Introducing the Supporting Champions community. we're proud to serve practitioenrs from around the world in the start-up phase of their careers through to seasoned professinoals.

We have 25 years of supporting and championing performance people. We've seen 10,000's of CVs; interviewed 1000's of applicants; managed, developed and coached 1,000s of people to secure the job they dream of and to thrive in the role. We've never had a private community to focus on supporting people, until now!

Our Community Supporting Champions

The community is for committed, growth-minded, progressive aspiring and professional performance practitioners, motivated to enhance their professional effectiveness by self-discovery, willing to do the work, eager to create their own future.

All performance professionals get there in a different way but share common experiences;

  • Education integrated with experience
  • Immersive training
  • Professional networking
  • Interactive collaborations
  • Access to proven advice and guidance

Taking true value from these experiences is only really possible when the place providing them has one critical quality: SAFETY!

We have a programme of support, learning and dedicated community levels for you whether you are just starting out as a student, learning your craft as a fresh graduate or professional practitioner.

Connecting students and professionals from around the world

Inside the Community

Being a member of the community can help and support you in several focused ways

Live development events

Our Community Supporting Champions

Live events to inspire, instruct, network, share and learn together!

  • Developing your consultancy
  • Finding remote work experience
  • Interview practice
  • Developing team working skills
  • Using reflection effectively

Replay and catch up

Search for what you need, click replay and watch previous events and workshops whether you're sat at your desk, plugged into the TV or sat on your Wattbike!

Our Community Supporting Champions

Discipline specific discussions

Private community

  • Learning channels for discussion around your work, skills, working with clients and gaining clarity
  • Discovery channels for member networking and staying accountable
  • Challenges to help you grow, develop and put your best foot forward
  • Post your thoughts, questions and ideas
  • Contribute to the discussion and help others succeed
Our Community Supporting Champions

Discipline specific discussions & private messaging groups

Our Community Supporting Champions

Connect with fellow community members and group meet ups

  • Direct messaging with fellow members around the world
  • Group messaging with discipline or sports specific groups
  • You create the groups you want and need

Discuss and comment on the courses

Interactive sports science courses

  • Reflect on the course lessons inside the course platform and they turn up in the community too
  • Engage and reflect together with fellow students
  • See how others are engaging with the online course material
  • Ask your questions to make sure the course material lands in your context
Our Community Supporting Champions

Direct access and support from the Supporting Champions team

A way to connect with us

  • What's your burning question - ask it!
  • Direct message us
  • Join a Q&A
  • Post your question in the community for us to answer and see how others are solving the issue you're working on!

Earn a passive income by referring others to our courses

Our affiliate programme

  • Earn by referring others to our courses
  • Join our affiliate programme
  • Take a slice of the course fees by signposting and encouraging others to sign up
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It's simple! All you have to do is sign up for any of our online courses and you will get access to the community!


The community is available as added value to taking a course with Supporting Champions. If you are one of the lucky ones who snapped up a Graduate plan - you access the community but you're getting £1350 of courses for recurring fee. For everyone else you get the community as a part of signing up to a course.


Currently when you sign up to the courses you get unlimited access to the courses and the community and all updates for as long as the courses and community are available online.

Supporting Champions

We utilise the lessons learned from the last 25 years of working in high performance sports and businesses to support and champion you, your teams and systems.

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