Portfolio Plus

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By: Dr. Steve Ingham

Stand out from the crowd!

Sharpen your profile so people take notice!

In a world brimming with ‘experts’, it’s your real, hard-earned skills that make you stand out.

Think about it: ‘Starting Your Transition‘ isn’t just a module; it’s your first step in carving a distinct path in a well-trodden field. ‘Major Work Routes and Options‘ goes beyond the textbook, diving into the realities of career choices today.

Then there’s ‘Myths, Opportunities, and Challenges‘ – because let’s be honest, the working world is full of tales and truths, and knowing the difference is crucial. ‘Major Mistakes at This Stage‘ isn’t just advice; it’s learning from others’ blunders so you don’t have to make them yourself.

Create Your CV Backwards‘ – sounds unconventional, right? Because it is. It’s about thinking of your end goals and working backwards to make your CV a roadmap to success. ‘Upgrading Your Experience‘ isn’t a filler; it’s about making your past work for your future and filling in the gaps in your CV..

And let’s not forget ‘Networking‘. It’s not just schmoozing; it’s about building genuine connections that matter. Lastly, ‘Unpaid Internships‘ – a contentious topic, but we tackle it head-on, exploring its value and pitfalls.

In our ‘Critical Skills‘ section, we focus on essential yet often overlooked aspects of professional growth.

Hunger, Humility, Hubris‘ teaches the balance between ambition and humility, crucial for career advancement.

Rapport and Body Language‘ hones your non-verbal communication, vital for making genuine connections.

In ‘Questioning, Listening, Summarising‘, you’ll learn to transform conversations into opportunities for insight and understanding. ‘Understanding and Capturing the Need‘ delves into identifying real needs behind expressed wants, a key skill in any professional context.

Finally, ‘Interdisciplinary Skills‘ encourages a cross-disciplinary approach, preparing you to integrate diverse skills and perspectives, essential for a well-rounded professional profile

This isn’t just another course. It’s a toolkit for standing out based on what you really know and can do, not just what you say you can.

Why Take This Course?

Career Solutions

Acquire the complete skill transition to work in sports performance:

Who Is This Course For?

Ideal For: This course is for students about to leave full-time education and for those already out in the working world who are now starting to take their future career seriously and know they need to invest in their development.

Modules Of The Course

Take the proven steps of understanding, skill development and action.

  • Starting your transition
  • Major work routes and options
  • Myths, opportunities and challenges
  • Major mistakes at this stage
  • Create your CV backwards
  • Upgrading your experience
  • Networking
  • Unpaid internships

Module duration 2 hours 42 mins
Additional optional activities approx 1 hour 30 mins

  • Hunger, humility, hubris
  • Rapport and body language
  • Questioning, listening, summarising
  • Understanding and capturing the need
  • Interdisciplinary skills

Module duration 2 hours and 43 mins
Additional optional activities approx 1 hour

Course + Community = Results

You’ll have access to the course for the lifetime of the course. On top of the course content, a chance to connect with your expert tutor, you’ll have access to the Supporting Champions community forever!

In the community, you’ll find:

Course students from around the world, learning & engaging together

About The Course Tutor

Steve Ingham book image
Dr. Steve Ingham

Dr Steve Ingham, Performance Scientist and Director of Supporting Champions, Former Director of Science and Head of Physiology at English Institute of Sport.

"In my years of experience in sports performance, I've seen many talented individuals struggle to convey their true potential. Recognising this, I created the 'Portfolio Plus' course to bridge the gap between raw talent and effective self-presentation. This course is a culmination of insights gathered from guiding professionals in showcasing their skills, experiences, and aspirations in a compelling portfolio.

The inspiration for 'Portfolio Plus' stems from the core challenges and opportunities in the sports performance industry. Understanding what employers seek, how to gain and present relevant experience, and navigating various career paths are crucial. This course is designed to help you articulate these aspects in your portfolio.

Moreover, the need for professionalism, strategic communication, and critical thinking in this field cannot be overstated. 'Portfolio Plus' guides you in weaving these elements into your portfolio, ensuring it's not just a collection of work, but a narrative that demonstrates your growth, strategic approach, and readiness for future challenges.

My aim with 'Portfolio Plus' is to empower you to create a portfolio that goes beyond the norm, one that truly resonates with your career goals and sets you apart in the competitive world of sports and performance.

If you're ready to transform your portfolio into a dynamic, impactful tool that opens doors in your career, 'Portfolio Plus' is here to guide you every step of the way."

Course Reviews

Dr. Kellie Pritchard-peschek
Dr. Kellie Pritchard-peschek
Physiologist, Performance Optimisation
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“An absolute must for any sports performance practitioner who wishes to enjoy a successful career in elite sport”
Dr. Duncan French
Dr. Duncan French
Vice President, PerformanceUFC Performance Institute
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"This amazing new learning platform, is exactly what I have been searching for to recommend to those leaving higher education and wanting to work in performance"
Psychologist in training, Liverpool John Moores
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“This course is the perfect complement to bridge the gap from the classroom to the performance arena.”
James Fleming
James Fleming
Performance Nutritionist
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“I would thoroughly recommend this course to any student or graduate wanting to work with the best athletes and coaches. It goes into so much detail, that you end up feeling incredibly prepared.”
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