person holding glass wall

Start with yourself

In performance support roles, whether it is as a sports scientist, sports medic, coach or similar role, you are so regularly focused on supporting others to achieve, perform or simply cope. This can be, at times, draining; it can be all consuming; it can also be to the detriment of you and your needs.

There are three perspectives you must nurture;

  • yourself
  • your team
  • your business’ needs

My contention is that you should start with yourself, then turn your focus to your team and then to your contribution, to others, to society, to a compelling purpose.

This is not or should not be a selfish act – it is or should be a selfless act. If you are supporting and championing yourself first it can better position you to support others.

The blend of focus that you have at different times HAS to shift from yourself to the people you work with and the goals and effect of your work. Taking a singular focus will have a detriment to the other factors. Shifting is an active process that should be intentional, because you HAVE to work on each area.

  • Me – what do I need?, my hopes and desires, what helps me perform
  • We – (the teams I operate in, the one above me and below) what do we need, what are our norms, standards and ways of working to produce results, how we support and challenge each other?
  • Us – (the company / business) what are the companies needs, what is the collective purpose and what our combined contribution is delivering and the effect it has on others in the world

I use this model with teams, to help them recognise that individual, the team and the business and it’s goals are foci you must always keep in view and you need to shift the emphasis to keep developing your performance in each.

Keep each in view – shift your focus intentionally – keep moving each forward!