Pre-register for the live Starter courses for a career in Sports Performance

Are you one day hoping for a career in sports performance? Are you hoping to be able to support athletes and coaches to pursue their goals, to utilise science in the pursuit of their personal bests?

Well, you probably know that it's quite a competitive field, but you might also know that lots of people make the transition to that world.

We've got a couple of courses that can really prime your thinking and help you get ahead (while you're studying);

- The letter to the 15,000 online course

- Career route primer

NOW for the first Steve Ingham is running a live series over 5 days to help coach you on the essentials of equipping yourself with the skills you need.

-Access to 'Letter to the 15000 and Career Route Primer Course route

-Live training and development with Steve


-Community support and engagement

The course cost £49.99 and runs from 11th-15th October, with live sessions on the following dates

11th October 11.00am

13th October 6.30pm

15th October 4.30pm


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