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"So you have enrolled on a sports science degree eh? You start this week? Exciting times ahead then. So what lies ahead for you at the end of your studies?"

This was the first line of the blog that's been read over 350,000 times and is taught in over 50 universities.

It's my message to you if you're thinking about a career in sports performance. It's not easy to land the job of your dreams working with some of the best athletes in the world, but you need to start somewhere if you're committed to doing so. THIS is the best place to start. Thousands of practitioners now working in sports performance started with the blog - and now it's an online course for you to accelerate your understanding, awareness and help you take action.

This course will take you through the realities of working in sports performance.

Starter Courses Supporting Champions

Course Tutor: Dr Steve Ingham

"I've created these courses to help you begin your career journey towards sports performance. I've distilled my experience of supporting 1000s of athletes and developing 1000s of performance professionals into this course, to help you take ownership of your future by following a proven path to accelerating your progress towards the sports performance industry"

"Some of the roles, I've held in high-performance";

2016- present; Performance consultant, Supporting Champions
2013-2016; Director of Science and Technical Development, English Institute of Sport
2009–2013; Head of Physiology, English Institute of Sport
2005–2009; Lead Physiologist, English Institute of Sport
1998–2004; Senior Physiologist & Sports Science Manager, British Olympic Association
1997–1998; Sports Performance Officer, English Sports Council

A Step-By-Step Course to Explore Careers in Sports and Performance

A Letter to the 15,000

The online course based on the blog that touched a nerve - inspiring you to take ownership and action for your future career ahead

Career Route Primer

You'll learn about he major career routes, explaining what would be expected of you and what the future holds for careers in the area.

Online Course

High quality video tutorials in a digestible format


Don't go it alone. Learn and develop together in our community hub. Network with like-minded people and ask your questions.

Course Overview

Starter Courses Supporting Champions


⚡️  Intermediate
🏷  £49.99
🏠  Discussion community
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👊🏽  Challenge series
⁉️   Q&As to help your career

IDEAL FOR: These courses are aimed at students who are starting to wonder about their future career and want to take action. The

- A letter to 15,000 is based on the blog that touched a nerve - inspiring you to take ownership and action for your future career ahead
- Career route primer takes you through the major career routes, explaining what would be expected of you and what the future holds for careers in the area.

COURSES: Upon completion of both courses you will be awarded with the FOCUS ON PERFORMANCE certificate.

SUPPORT: As a part of the course you'll be enrolled in our exclusive community of sports performance professionals  developing and networking together. Benefit from exclusive live Q&As and professional development webinars to fast track your skills. Find out more about the community bonus here.

Students who have completed this course track show persistence, willingness to learn and the right mindset to succeed in performance teams. Taking this course will put you in the top 10% of talent and position you ahead of the pack with the skills, experience and mindset that employers need.

Graduates from this course have gone on to work at Man Utd, Royal Yachting Association, RFU, British Gymnastics, Aston Villa FC, FC Nordsjaelland and many other sports teams.

Course buNdle to take you forward

Starter Courses Supporting Champions

Module duration 35 mins

The online course based on the blog that's taught in over 50 universities. This course will prime your understanding about the realities ahead for your career ahead in sports performance.

This is a free course aimed at those students just starting to think about their careers and is focused on those students who are willing to thinking beyond their studies about how to get ahead.

Perfect for students wanting to develop their applied skills and craft work experience opportunities

Course highlights;

  • What are the prospects for you?
  • Sport’s importance and the challenge ahead
  • How to bridge the gap
  • The importance of applying your learning
  • Four step plan to gain experience
  • A switch in thinking
Starter Courses Supporting Champions

Module duration 1 hour and 34 mins

The online course gives you an introduction to the various career routes that predominate in sports science support.

You’ll get the fundamental insights into; Biomechanics, Nutrition, Performance Analysis, Performance Lifestyle, Physiology, Psychology, Strength and Conditioning. It’s important for you to understand the background and roles of physiotherapists and medics too – these are included also.

You’ll learn about;

  • Role and responsibility
  • Key sports
  • Opportunities
  • Challenges
  • Future directions
  • Proportion of jobs (and budget spent on employing) this discipline comprises in a typical support team.
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A brilliant course, that completely changed the way I think and work towards my career ahead.


Liverpool John Moores University

The Letter to the 15000 really opened my eyes - in a good way. I was shocked to start with - but the simple steps to move forward really helps. the Career Route primer course is a must - it helped me select my future direction as a nutritionist.


Queensland University

These courses were recommended to me by my university tutor. They were a great investment, (the price of a few coffees), but the value to my studies and the attitude I'm now starting to develop is priceless.


Bath University

I did work experience at a Premier Football Club and the Head of Sports Science recommended I take The Letter to the 15000 course before starting. The course is in bitesize, short, sharp insights - that I replayed several times because the messages were so different to what I'd encountered before. It really helped get in the right mindset for working in pro football.


University of Westminster

If anyone is serious about a career in sports performance, they should start here. I did by reading the (Letter to 150000 blog in 2017 and it changed the whole way I think about working vs studying. I then read How to Support a Champion and three years later I came back and took the online course to help me mentor some work experience students. An essential course for anyone exploring performance career.


*Complete the track to achieve the certificate. Include the award on your CV, use to demonstrate competency for your accreditation and continued professional development.

Bundled courses to help your career journey

The STARTER courses provides you with 'A letter to the 15000' and 'Career Route Primer', bundled together to help you start investing in your future performance career. You don't have to do this alone - we'll show you how and you can learn and develop together.

Supporting Champions

We utilise the lessons learned from the last 25 years of working in high performance sports and businesses to support and champion you, your teams and systems.

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