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A Letter to the 15,000!

Leaping A letter to the 15000

Dear budding sport scientist So you have enrolled on a sports science degree eh? You start this week? Exciting times ahead then. So what lies ahead for you at the end of your studies? I believe sport is more important…

5 ways to justify the term ‘elite’

Elite leader

‘Elite Health’, ‘Elite Car Audio’, ‘Elite Wines’!   Clearly these are just brand names, just as the bloke around the corner who runs a business called Olympic Windows, is claiming special status (unless window fitting has become an Olympic sport…

Top 10 applications: 6. Training methods

bell curve

  This week’s topic, in my humble opinion, is the most neglected subject area in the Sports Science University education system*. If the evidence that I refer to is indirect I apologise, but in the sports science graduate population I…