The podcast returns on 29th June

We’ve had a little break from the podcast and now I’m delighted to say we’re back and have got lots of great interviews coming up. New episodes are uploaded on 29th June. Don’t forget to subscribe on your podcast platform or Youtube


So what’s changed since we were away, well we haven’t changed things around too much. We’re still exploring all aspects of human performance, whether that is getting stronger, fitter, mentally more prepared, eating better, playing better – but also how we perform in work, individually and as teams.


I’ll still be speaking to great scientists, practitioners, coaches, athletes, and people outside of sports – but who are interested how we perform as humans. Although I will be looking to add more entrepreneurs into the mix. I think with the world of work shifting and changing in recent years I want to find out more from those people who have set up businesses or are consulting for their own income.


 Senior Lecturer in Performance and Innovation – Dr John Kiely all about Periodisation and questioning conventions

Social Psychologist – Professor Vanessa Bohns from Cornell, all about influence

Olympic gold medal winning GB Women’s Hockey coach, Danny Kerry

Women’s racing driver Abbie Eaton

Former Arsenal men’s team Physio Colin Lewin

Performance Strategist – Ryan King

Fonder of Hexis App Dr David Dunne

Authors of Myths of Sports Coaching Jenny Coe and Dr Amy Whitehead

Strategy and decision making expert David Joyce

Psychological safety expert -Tom Geraghty


We’re really looking forward to sharing these insights with you and so make sure you subscribe on whichever platform you get your podcasts and of course on Youtube