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Problem solving

There are many ways you can approach a problem, complex or tricky situation. A simple framework I encountered a little while ago and originating from Georg Hegel is to run your ideas through these steps;


This is known as a dialectic method, which is a discourse between two or more people holding different points of view about a subject but wishing to establish the truth through reasoned argumentation. But the method equally applies to your own thought processes, so not needing other people to complete the exercise. Arguably and there is some value in you becoming skilled in seeing other perspectives to enhance management of your own biases.

THESIS – What is your idea and and perspective on the situation and what elements are critical to include?

AntiTHESIS – What is the opposite or opposing idea and perspective and what elements are critical to include?

SynTHESIS – What is most important step forward? How can it be easily actioned and who needs to take the lead?

Thesis word origin – Greek ‘to place’

“proposition or statement supported by arguments”

A sticky framework

What I like about this method is how memorable it is. So many methods these days require too much to remember what all the letters of an acronym refer to. Unless you’re using a framework regularly, then it isn’t ‘sticky’ to remember. The thesis, antithesis, synthesis flow (for me at least) is very sticky.

When you’re working through problems, providing sports science support to athletes and coaches, give this framework a try.

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