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Supporting Champions Webinars are each created with the sole purpose of equipping and enabling you to up your impact. By focusing on the priority skills that you’ll need in order to make a difference in sport and performance, this rich source of content is invaluable, and will give you the ‘edge’ when you start to put what you learn into practice.

If you're looking to dig a bit deeper you can explore the Supporting Champions Online Courses to help you if you're an aspiring or professional performance support scientist by clicking here.


Webinars Supporting Champions

How to get work experience based on what employers are really looking for

Develop your skills with practical experience

If you're aiming for a career in sports performance then just like many of your fellow students, you're wondering how am I going to make myself employable.

In this webinar, I'm going to share with you;

the one key area you need to increase the chances of breaking through into the industry - work experience
insider insights as to why there is a vocational skills gap and what employers are really looking for
how to tune your work experience applications and enquiries for maximum effect.

Only sign up for this webinar if you're prepared to do the work, follow a trusted process and are willing to learn and adapt in order to get the career you're aiming for.

Also in this webinar I'll be profiling how students are getting ahead by taking Kickstart Performance Skills course.

Webinars Supporting Champions

How to apply for and interview for sports performance jobs to increase the chance of success

Develop job application skills based on what the employers need to see from you

One of my favourite moments working with performance people is when they come into and interview and just shine. On the other hand I've sat through some poor interviews - but it's the one's I think are good but they don't know how to interview. Perhaps even more frustratingly, smart people who don’t know how to apply for jobs.

In this webinar you’ll;

  • learn the most important feature of job applications,
  • find out the 3 questions that differentiate candidates
  • watch actors recreating these moments in interviews
  • learn details about the Graduate to Performance course which is enabling people to follow a proven process to showcase their skills.

This webinar will help you put your best foot forward when you’re trying to land the job you’ve been aiming for.

Webinars Supporting Champions

Should you set up your own consultancy and if so what will help you get started?

Helping you if you're thinking of making the move to setting up your own side-hustle or full-time enterprise

If you’ve begun to think about...

  • Developing a side hustle?
  • Taking ownership of the intellectual property you've created?
  • Charging people for your services on top of or alongside your employed work?
  • Building a business for your future that isn't dependent on contract renewal?

This webinar will share with you;

  • The key questions that need answering before you take the plunge
  • How to create your offer
  • The biggest mindset shift you need to allow you to progress
  • More information about the Setting Up Your Own Consultancy course and how it can guide you to taking action

Only sign up for this webinar if you’re giving consideration to setting up your own business and consulting as a part of your income.

Webinars Supporting Champions

Upcoming WEBINARS and Q&As in the community

Graduate Member Events

  • End of the year social and quiz
    • 17 December 2021: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Masterclass guest session tbc
    • 14 January 2022: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Interview practice
    • 11 February 2022: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Networking and developing your connections
    • 18 March 2022: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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