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How to do a PhD in less than 3 years, while working!

Study for an applied PhD, while you are working

Ever thought of doing a PhD? Wondered if it is going to take an age to finish? Are you working and think you won’t be able to fit it in? Somehow I finished my PhD in 2 years 11 months, from start to submission – but I was pretty disciplined in making it happen. I did this all while I was working with the British Rowing Team at the British Olympic Association.

In this session, I will share my key techniques to getting it done in less than 3 years and for the thesis to be any good. I’ll cover;

  • managing time
  • sustaining momentum
  • selecting topics and finding opportunities
  • working with and coaching your supervisors

How to negotiate a better salary

How to get work experience so you can develop your employability

In this webinar you will find out

  • how employers think when they’re choosing your salary

  • how to make sure you get what you deserve or more than you’re offered

  • how to ensure you don’t undersell yourself

  • how this differs when you’re offered a role and when you’re in a role

Sharpening your needs analysis

You have to know what you're aiming towards! You also have to find what your client needs most.

Both of these statements should drive a lot of your initial interaction with your clients. Following a needs analysis template as many of you have done through Graduate to Performance and the Applied Pro Courses is a great way to focus your attention, but what else can you do to improve your assessment of need? In this session I will share with you key approaches and techniques for success.

Getting better clients

How to find, work with and get paid well with better clients

If you’re running your own consultancy you will want to work with great clients, find out how to improve the quality of your work and develop ways to get paid well.

Securing work experience in sports performance

How to get work experience so you can develop your employability

Work experience is the most powerful statement on your CV! Why – because there are literally thousands of people graduating with degrees like yours! Work experience separates you out from the pack!

Find out how to secure it!

How to ace a virtual interview

Most interviews have moved online, at least for the first round!

So that means you have to know how they work, what success looks like, what mistakes people are now making, how to persuade people you are the one to employ!

Watch this webinar to find out how!

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