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Supporting Champions Main-logo-yellow-thumbs-up Welcome pack

Course induction pack

Welcome to the course!

We’re super excited to begin one of the Supporting Champions Practitioner Courses and even more so to support you to develop the knowledge, skills and experience to improve your performance and help you create impact for yourself and the athletes and coaches you work with.

In this document you will find out;

  • How to get set-up
  • About the courses
  • How to get started
  • The Supporting Champions Community
  • FAQs

Getting set up

You will be enrolled in the course and will receive an email that ask you to set up your learning platform password. The email will look like this (Thrivecart is our new learning platform);

Supporting Champions Thrivecart-course-access Welcome pack

Go ahead and reset your password and log in;

The first time you log in you will just need to re-enter your First Name and Last Name – this will be used for your certificates.

Supporting Champions Login-page-1024x465 Welcome pack

Then you will go through to the Supporting Champions learning dashboard

Supporting Champions enrolment-3 Welcome pack

From here you can connect to your courses and you’re off!

The courses

All courses have general information about the tutor and a course orientation guide. The main course lessons sit below.

The lessons vary in length (some are shorter, some are longer) depending on the course material covered.

Any lesson resources, such as references, papers, worksheets will sit below the video.

We’d encourage you post your reflections in the comments section below the lesson (see below on Community). We know that those people who are actively reflecting on learning are getting more out of the courses.

If you wish to apply for a certificate of completion you can do so here;

Application for certificates is only valid for the course you have accessed and must not be used for any other course certificate issue.

Any misuse of the certificate application form (passing onto other people or repeated use) will result in termination of access to courses and the community with no offer of a refund.

Supporting Champions Community

The community is a supportive, encouraging place for you to interact with like-minded applied sports scientists. Inside the community you’ll find talented practitioners aspiring together.

Supporting Champions enrolment-7 Welcome pack

You can access the Community several ways.

  1. From the Dashboard you will see the ‘Connect Here’ button that will pop up the Community.

USE this guide to access the community

If it doesn’t open – you may need to enable third party cookies

Supporting Champions enrolment-8 Welcome pack

Inside the Community you can;

  • Set up your profile
  • Read through the community guidelines (please give these a like so we know you’re in agreement)
  • Introduce yourself, tell us about what you’re up to at the moment, and what you’re hoping for
  • Connect with other members on the forums or the Direct Messaging function
  • Join the discussion and post your questions
Supporting Champions enrolment-9 Welcome pack
  • You can access the community separately at the following link


Q&As scheduled for Zoom

Live Q&As dates and times coming soon

NB: We’re all living in uncertain times Q&A times may change needs be.

You will be sent the meeting link on the day of the meeting via email. Please do not pass this on – it is exclusively for you.

If you can’t make the Q&As please post your questions in the community and this normally brings a load of responses that can help you move forward.

Managing the messages you receive from us

We have no intention of being a bother to you via email, we will only let you know about things that we think are of value. You’ll receive emails about latest news, courses, opportunities and community events through our email provider Convertkit.

You’re also enrolled in our Community platform and that will also send notifications out based on topics you have shown interest in, commented on and will send out a weekly digest. There will always be an option to unsubscribe or change the notifications you receive on all messages (but please remember there are two systems email through Convertkit and notifications via the Community – changing your preferences for one will not influence the other).

Any questions?

If you have any questions we’re on hand to help you get set up and organised on the course. Any problems – email us at enquiries@supportingchampions.co.uk