Choose your words tiles

Willing to negotiate?

Struggling to make a breakthrough?

Sports scientists, are you struggling to make a breakthrough, are you getting push back to your ideas? Well, are you willing to try something different to create change?

It’s a simple word, but a very powerful one. WILLING!

By swapping out words like try, open to change, experiment – all of which suggest they require effort, try asking if someone is willing!

I stole this idea from Professor Liz Stokoe, who you can listen to on the podcast.

“Of course I’m willing”

The word willing is used to broach marriage guidance and hostage negotiations. When asked if they are willing, it asks a deeper question of them, are you unwilling to try – which the default answer is “no, of course, I’m not unwilling”, leading to people to saying, “yes, I’m willing”, the first step in gaining commitment.

Give it a go this week.