Skills for Success in Work

Skills for Success in Work

Skills for Success in Work Supporting Champions

"I knew I had to think and act differently in work, but I had no idea just how much so and where to start. This course shows you how to start work with confidence."

As you start work there are some core skills that you need to know about, what employers will expect of you, how to work with your manager, your colleagues and to develop your working effectiveness to ensure long term success.

This course will provide you with the skills employers in applied science expect graduates like you to have but so few do. Now you can get ahead in work.

Course Overview

Skills for Success in Work Supporting Champions


⚡️  Intermediate
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If you're like most students graduating from an undergraduate or postgraduate degree you'll come armed with a host of skills and a bucket load of knowledge. The challenge facing you is HOW will you put this to good use in work. The skills of processing information for an essay, exam or dissertation project hone certain skills in scoping, evaluating and processing information - you get good at developing a certain style of scientific method. This is a great starting point. However, working in applied science organisations or applying your work to paying clients requires a whole set of unique skills often unspoken of in your academic training. 

The skills that will enable you to be successful in applied science industries and consultancy are DIFFERENT! Why are they different? Because they're working skills - not studying skills, not passing exams skills, not getting good grades skills. Makes sense right?

So what do you need to develop? Through this course you'll learn about, develop and put into practice skills around;

  • How to work effectively in science teams
  • How to collaborate and work with your manager and colleagues
  • How to work out what work is going to be the most important
  • Which scientific skills do I need at different times?
  • How to operate effectively in different science environments
  • How to communicate what you know with maximum effect
  • How to apply critical thinking to enhance your judgement
  • How to work strategically to ensure long term success (including how to influence your manager
  • How to thrive in work by investing in habits that create energy, enhance your engagement and productivity

These are rare skills because they're not taught - until now!


CERTIFICATED ROUTE: Complete the lessons and you will be awarded with the 'Skills for Success in Work' certificate.

SUPPORT: Join the community of aspiring sports performance professionals  developing and networking together. Benefit from exclusive live Q&As and professional development webinars to fast track your skills.

Students who have completed this course track show persistence, willingness to learn and the right mindset to succeed in performance teams. Taking this course will put you in the top 5% of talent and position you ahead of the pack with the skills, experience and mindset that employers need.

Course Highlights

Dynamics in work

Team working skills

Collaborative skills

Working in different science environments

Communication skills

What employers want from you

Critical thinking skills

Innovation skills

Working strategically

Thriving with working energy


Skills for Success in Work Supporting Champions

Lead Course Tutor: Dr Steve Ingham

Dr. Steve Ingham is an author & elite sports physiologist to over 200 Olympic or World medallists. Steve has provided support to 1000s of athletes of whom over 200 have achieved World or Olympic medal success, including some of the world’s greatest athletes such as Jessica Ennis-Hill, Sir Steve Redgrave. Steve is fortunate enough to have led science support to teams in Athens, London and Rio Olympics. Steve has extensive experience leading high performance teams - having led the 'support team behind the team' for the London and Rio Olympics. Uniquely he has spent the last 10 years applying elite performance strategies to businesses and executives - to enable their individual and collective performance to go to the next level.


Skills for Success in Work Supporting Champions


Guest Presentation: Working in different science environments

Skills for Success in Work Supporting Champions


Guest Presentation: Thinking and working strategically

Skills for Success in Work Supporting Champions


Guest Presentation: Communicating science effectively


*Complete the track to achieve the certificate. Include the award on your CV, use to demonstrate competency for your accreditation and continued professional development.

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